#Spotlight: Forever Friends by Mathilda Robins #mf #teaser

Life lessons end up showing Sally the way to making her friends forever.

Sally is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure her friends stay close and happy.

Using the skills that her daddy taught her and the compassion her mama showed her, Sally can do both with ease.

Knowing that her parents would be proud assured her of her decisions and her made her smile.

No matter what others may think.

I can hear them from my bedroom.

All of them.

The sheriff, Tim Mullins, Jacob, and so many other men from town.

They are running around and yelling.  Going from building to building.

What are they looking for?

Why are they in the smokehouse?

Oh, my gosh! Someone is really yelling now. 


Who are they talking about?

What did they find?

Who is crazy and insane?

Oh, my gosh!

Jessica and Henry are out there, in the smokehouse!  I hope the “crazy and insane” person didn’t hurt them!  I wish I could do something, but Mama always said whenever things are going on that I didn’t understand that I should stay in my bedroom where I am safe.  Since I don’t understand what these men are doing at my farm, I’m going to do just that.

I hope someone tells me soon.