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They must protect each other. No matter what.

Quinn has resigned himself to living a life alone. His cabin, on the outskirts of a village, is the perfect place for him to paint. No distractions, lots of peace and quiet—until he goes out for a run as a wolf and sees another wolf scarpering for its life.

Goddard is that wolf. He’s been running for God knows how long, and he’s tired of looking over his shoulder, waiting to be found by the one man Goddard doesn’t want finding him. Injured, he discovers a cabin and goes inside.

Quinn’s and Goddard’s lives are changed forever when they realize they are bonded mates. The thing is, there’s still the problem of the man from Goddard’s past to get over, and when an incident in the village means Goddard’s whereabouts is public knowledge, things might take a nasty turn.

Gone are the days when the two men had to stick by human law. Being mated means wolf law comes first—and if it means killing to keep each other safe, then that’s what they’re prepared to do. They must protect each other. No matter what.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Double TimeTAGApril's Showering Words

People are not ment to be alone, especially wolf shifters.   When you are a wolf shifter pack is your life, and family.  Yet some still choose to live segregated from everyone.
Quinn is surprised and happy, when he finds a strange shifter in his home. Life was beginning to be lonely their all by himself.   As the two men work together they find there attracted to each other.  Quinn suspects they are mates, he is unsure how to find out while still protecting himself.
Goddard is surprised and worried when he gets close to Quinn, he knows they are mates but danger is stalking him.  He is fighting there attraction but fate will out.  He knows he must explain what he is running from.
I liked this story, it was a natural way to match up the main characters.   Quinn is strong in ways that you don’t see right away.  He will do whatever is necessary to keep him close.  Where Goddard is ex-military and has seen to much.  When he trys to right a wrong he ends up running for his life.  As they get to know each other the chemistry between them fires up.  The absolute trust between them is something worth fighting for.  Together they can overcome anything.

No Matter What reads as a wolf tale… without the wolves. The shifter trope is well-known, and sometimes eBooks within the genre fall into certain overused tropes. It’s rare, and usually very enjoyable, to find a story that moves beyond the Alpha/omega or pack structure. But there was very little ‘wolfy’ about the Quinn and Goddard, even though they could shift into wolves. That felt like a disappointment to me, especially since Goddard has spent a long time in his wolf form. There was little dichotomy between the two selves which, instead of making the shifters into a cohesive whole, simply made it feel as if the author chose to make them shifters to be able to use certain elements of that ability to further the contemporary part of the tale. They didn’t feel ‘real’, as it were.

What did feel very real was the small town feel and nature of the characters that affected the rest of the story and the two main characters. I really believed Brent and Nora’s characters would behave the way they did, as well as their sons. I enjoyed that aspect of the story, and the days and time Goddard and Quinn spent together, because the developing relationship between the main characters had a nice trajectory, even for a shifter ‘I know you’re my mate’ moment, and that didn’t get lost in the outside world and activities they did.

spoiler warning Unfortunately, and what dropped this read to just a three-star rating for me, was the incomprehensibility of Goddard’s actions with the man from his past. I find it absolutely unbelievable that a man who can stand up and do what Goddard did, involving the legal system for a gross injustice, would simply tuck tail and run. Especially since involving the authorities, which he’s already done and decides to do at the end of the book, would’ve made perfect sense after the original attack that sent Goddard off to avoid further confrontations. Then again, if that hadn’t happened, there would be no story at all since the main characters wouldn’t have met otherwise. That, along with the fact that the book was supposed to be about shifters who didn’t feel like shifters at all, led to an underwhelming read for me.

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