The Difference Between by Blake Moreno #mm #review

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Wade Maguire and Russ Paulson are in love. After a year of passion and happiness, they’re buying a home and moving in together. Everything is rosy for them—until a jealous and insane ex from Wade’s past puts all of that to the test.

After being kidnapped and tortured by his deranged former lover, Wade loses his ability to engage with his own sexuality or with Russ. With the help of a psychologist, EMDR therapy, and a sex plan, they work together to overcome the damage inflicted. In the process, they discover wells of love they’ve never known before.

As passion is reborn and their sex life reignited, Wade realizes a need to re-experience certain events in Russ’s loving arms. For Wade, the difference between pain and pleasure is love, and the difference between rape and rough sex is consent.

Dark, and yet ultimately hopeful, this book contains many emotional and graphic sex scenes, as well as some scenes of torture. This book deals with rape and rape recovery. Proceed with care.

Stand-alone with a happy ending. 78,000 words. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14

A dark story, one with graphic content that shapes the entire story… but not because it’s unrelenting. The overwhelming majority of the The Difference Between is not focused on graphic expose of the pain the main character, Wade, endured at the hands of an ex-lover who flat out tortures him. Instead, we see Wade’s journey to fit into his new self, the survivor who needs to understand his reactions, learn to handle the flashbacks, and find a way to move beyond the pain of his experiences in a psycho’s hands.

For some, the way Wade goes about handle an unusual therapy that recreates certain elements of his torture with the guidance of counselor and the support, love, and help from Russ, was unusual. I think different therapy methods can be valid, and not being a psychologist or someone who endured what Wade did, I can’t judge what seemed to work for him. What I loved most about The Different Between was that, while Wade faces the harsh reality of his trauma, he’s never facing it alone. Russ is just as invested in discovering who Wade has become, and his love is strong enough to help him overcome his own pain and trauma so they can be strong couple.

I enjoyed the hurt/comfort aspect of this story because it was such a strong theme to balance out the harsh reality of the beginning of the story, which is a very difficult read. But you should persevere through because, while it is a tearjerker at times The Difference between is a triumph at others, making this eBook a solid 4 stars.

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