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There’s only one place to go for a guaranteed happily ever after.

Finding a Faeted match is always supposed to lead to true love, but Adrian doesn’t believe that anymore. After six months of perfect bliss with his fire mage Corrin, Adrian caught him kissing someone else at a party. Now he wants a new match, and he never wants to see Corrin again. A matchmaker at Faeted gives Adrian another mate and tells him to go to a hotel to find him.

But when Adrian gets to the hotel room, he finds Corrin there, waiting for him. Naked and bound, Corrin has served himself up as a perfect peace offering, if only Adrian is willing to take a second chance at love with him.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14A-nony-mouseTAG

First off, loved that Joshua had a cameo in this one, though not enough to satisfy me – adore that dragon. Adrian was a less-satisfying story than Joshua was. Adrian is a dryad and six months ago Faeted set him up with the love of his life. Only… the love of his life kissed someone else. He’s heartbroken and goes back to Faeted to get a new love. Unfortunately he’s only guaranteed one. However, his Fae matchmaker sends him the next day to a hotel to meet his new love. Unfortunately that ‘new’ love is actually the man who cheated on him.

While the story ended well and I look forward to the next one, I found myself disappointed in Adrian. I thought he forgave far too easily and all for the sake of sex. The ending did fix everything so that it made sense and I was happy for it, but the story felt wrong.

Or maybe I just missed the happy-go-lucky dragon. Adrian was far more angsty.

April's Showering Words

This is a good read about betrayal and forgiveness.  When our hearts are broken we make hasty decisions.   Adrian is angry and feels like he has been betrayed.  Corrin made a mistake, he admits it and will do whatever it takes to win him back.  He just can’t fathem not working things The hurt feelings and loneliness that are shared between these two truly come across.  A simple mistake can cause irreparable damage when they are not talked through.  I feel like this story really puts that in prospective.  Also the chemistry between them sizzles and burns up the pages.


This is a quick read that only takes about an hour. It’s the perfect length when you don’t have enough time to start a longer book, and is a complete story that doesn’t leave you hanging at the end. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone, following different couples with each installment. The Faeted Mates business matches paranormal and has had a 100% success rate until Adrian. His mate kissed someone else when Adrian was standing only ten feet away. Heartbroken, Adrian returns to Faeted, demanding a new mate.


Despite the seriousness of cheating, the story did progress step by step in Adrian’s POV toward forgiving. There are circumstances that contributed to the situation and the question becomes how do the two of them get past the incident or if they should. This was a good addition to the Faeted series that I enjoyed.

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