Taken By The Berserkers (Berserker Saga #3) by Lee Savino #mfm #mf #menage #review

My mother warned me not to go alone to the grove. But when the moon is full, heat stirs my blood…and it calls to them.

The Berserkers came in the night and took me. I woke chained outside the monsters’ cave.

They were warriors, cursed by a witch to become ravening beasts. They tell me I’m their mate. The prophecy says I am the only one who can heal them. But can I tame the beast that haunts their mind…before it’s too late?

Note: Taken by the Berserkers is a standalone, full-length MFM ménage romance starring two huge, dominant warriors who make it all about the woman. Read the whole best-selling Berserker saga to see what readers are raving about…

Sold to the Berserkers

Mated to the Berserkers

Bred by the Berserkers (FREE novella)

Taken by the Berserkers

Given to the Berserkers

Claimed by the Berserkers
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This is a standalone book in the series – and I would say that you could read it as a standalone, but you may enjoy it better if you do read the previous books in the series.

With that being said – this book is about Sabine, Maddox and Ragnvald.  I had the same types of issues with this book as I did the first book in the series.  It didn’t feel like Maddox and Ragnvald actually LIKED Sabine.  It seemed like Maddox was just more focused on getting Ragnvald healthy again and he just tolerated Sabine because he knew that she could do that.

I do have to admit that I did like Sabine’s character – to a point. I wasn’t able to connect with her completely.  I couldn’t understand why she was such a strong character yet allowed herself to be treated the way she was.

Overall though, I did still enjoy the story.  And I will continue to read future into the series.  I just didn’t personally love this book, however I am sure that there are plenty of other readers who will.

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