Roxie’s Protectors: Volume 2 by Marisa Chenery #mf @loveunleashed

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The Protectors have trained for hundreds of years to watch over the foretold one who’d rule all the werewolf packs. Now that they’ve found Roxie, they are more than capable of the task.

All their training won’t mean much, however, when it comes to winning over their mortal mates, and bringing them into their world.

Publisher’s note: The stories in this collection were previously released as standalone titles by another publisher. This omnibus contains Skylar’s Devotion, Kye’s Heart, Dirk’s Love, and Miles’s Redemption. Although it takes place in the same universe as Wulf’s Den and contains cameos by the characters of that series, this collection stands alone.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14rachelle-tag

This volume contains the last four books of this seven book series: Skylar’s Devotion, Kye’s Heart, Dirk’s Love, and Mile’s Redemption. As with the first three books of the series, finding a mortal woman is their mate and the resulting mating heat is still formulaic with no surprises. The werewolves are driven to have sex with their mate to complete the bond. For me, the question then became will they find a way to tell their mates what they are and give them the chance to decide if they want to be mated to werewolves. The annoying part for me is what happens if the werewolves are denied. They would basically go crazy. So part of the lure of reading the rest of this series is to discover whether or not any of these men are shunned by their fated mates. And Miles. I was thrilled to see Miles had a story at the very end.

Skylar’s Devotion had a few things other than the mating urge being the heart of this short story. Skylar does only a little bit better than his brothers when it comes to waiting but still fails at following Roxie’s rules. There was something extra that was added as a side plot, putting his mate’s life in danger that didn’t revolve around Mile.

Kye’s Heart… I have to admit that during the first three books I found both Kye and Dirk to be boring. Before now, Kye was one of those side characters that flitted in and out of scenes like a shadow and had no personality, nothing to give me an idea of who he was. But not knowing who Kye was didn’t keep me from getting annoyed at Roxie for proclaiming that Kye would be her baby’s sole Protector. My opinion of Roxie tanked right then, and I was a bit pissed that Kye didn’t put up more of a fuss. He was suddenly nothing more than a glorified babysitter. Ruler or not, that was a crappy thing to do to Kye regardless of the reasons. I didn’t find the situation funny at all. Of the four in this volume, this was actually my favorite and found it more engaging. (And I was excited to see Miles again.)

Prior to this, I thought Dirk was boring because he had very little interaction with the characters other than Roxie. He was always (in much repetition) described as Roxie’s geek Protector or an internet junky. There was nothing that really told me who he was. In Dirk’s Love, he created a dating program to help werewolves find their mates among mortal women. Dirk wants a mate and hopes to use the service to find the one meant for him. Jaden also used this to press Miles into finding a mate. A couple of things annoyed me. One was how all the mated werewolves made fun of Dirk and no one put them in their place. The second was the repetitious used of referring to Miles going to the dark side like he’s some Jedi. It’s happened so much over these first six novellas that I kind of got the idea that author really had no idea what being dark meant.

Since Miles found out he had a daughter and put his best foot forward to turn over a new leaf, I highly anticipated Mile’s Redemption. I enjoyed it all right up to the point that Mile learned of Jaden’s deception. I wasn’t upset that Miles was angry at being deceived. It all came down to how the storytelling took a juvenile turn. Even Miles was talking about himself slipping back to the freakin’ “dark side”—a lot. There was no explanation why he turned, what event made him want to be ruler, or give a reason for any of his actions. All those years ago, he turned against not only his friends but his family, and the only explanation was he was lured by this unnamed dark side. Then with Ryann, laying down the law… it felt rushed, incomplete, and things with Jaden were left unresolved. I was very unsatisfied reading the last page.

All in all, this was four quick paranormal reads about fated mates that had no real surprises. The sex scenes were just as sweltering as the male werewolves and the happily-ever-afters guaranteed with lots of the aforementioned sex.

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