The Grizzly’s Tale by Nara Malone #mf #mfm #review @nara_malone

Are they strong enough to be her men?

Cunning. Everyone uses the word to describe Katy. In Quarterz, the virtual reality world where men and women compete as hunter or prey, Katy has never been captured. At least, not until the bear clan arrived in the game. Powerful, smart, and straight out of her fantasies, Katy can’t always outmaneuver the tests they create.

When the clan challenges her to take their team on in a real game of hunters and prey, she can’t resist the lure.

Is she strong enough to be their woman?

Grizz, Oso, and Kodie are Pantherian bear shifters, born into a culture where men have learned to share and protect their species’ most limited resource—females. They’ve accepted they will never have a Pantherian female as their shared mate. But can a human female handle a Pantherian, mating trio. If so, will she still want them when she knows what they are?

Are any of them strong enough to outsmart fate?

When the game puts hearts and lives on the line, taking a loss is the only way to win.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Kim Talks TomesTAG

The Grizzly’s Tale begins in the virtual world with a hot and steamy scene between two game players, Katy and Grizz. When the game abruptly ends, their steaminess continues via a phone call and that’s when we learn there is more to Katy than her gamer personality. She’s cunning, secretive, and able to hide in an instant. There’s a lot more to the smart and sleuth-y Katy. Her real name is Katya and she has secrets she wants no one to find out.

Grizz isn’t alone in his wanting the sexy woman. His two brothers also yearn for the human female and they want to make her their mate. Together. The trio creates a virtual game that they hope will win her over and make her their mate.

I found this story to be iffy at first. Yes, the beginning was sexy and steamy, but it was an intense beginning and I was afraid of a letdown. However, the story kept on and held my attention all the way through. I did think parts of it dragged only because I wanted more excitement and action, but with that said, overall it wasn’t lacking in that area. I think that was just me, as a reader, wanting more.

I really did enjoy this story and the unique aspect of the game involved. The shifters were sexy, strong, and smart. Katya/Katy was a strong and kick ass heroine who did not turn to mush when the men swooned. Love that and where this story went.

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