Roxie’s Protectors: Volume 1 by Marisa Chenery #mf @loveunleashed

The Protectors have trained for hundreds of years to watch over the foretold one who’d rule all the werewolf packs. Now that they’ve found Roxie, they are more than capable of the task.

All their training won’t mean much, however, when it comes to winning over their mortal mates, and bringing them into their world.

Publisher’s note: The stories in this collection were previously released as standalone titles by another publisher. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14rachelle-tag

This volume contains the first three books of this seven book series: Roan’s Fall, Jager’s Mate, and Leif’s Surrender. The overall plot is the Protectors are protecting the foretold one, Roxie, from a former Protector, Miles. A long time ago, when his grandmother passed him over and promoted his sister, Saskia, to be the leader of Protectors. Miles swore he would find the foretold one first and bend her to his will so he could be ruler of all the werewolves.

In each installment, one of Roxie’s unmated guards finds his mate. The finding of a mortal woman and the resulting mating heat is formulaic with no surprises. The world is set up that a mating heat will overtake the males and they are basically forced into mating. With female werewolves, they would understand what is going on and there would be no delay hopping into bed. But with mortal women, their choice is often taken away from them. They too are caught up a heat that isn’t as strong as the males but does create a situation where they are lost to the lust. Being mated to the werewolves means they can’t be away from their mate for any period of time otherwise a separation anxiety takes hold, driving both man and woman crazy. In the first two stories, the women were mated without being told the men were werewolves. The result and consequence varied a little bit. Leif’s story was different in that he resisted the mating heat, showing the result of waiting a few days.

If I had picked up Roan by itself, I’m afraid to admit I wouldn’t have been intrigued enough to search out the second book in series. There were no surprises in the story and a nice quick paranormal read but nothing that sunk its claws in me. Jager’s Mate was more enticing. I liked Daylen. She was a cop and very capable. This is also where I get my first look at the Protector’s nemesis, Miles. In Leif’s Surrender, the author broke from the formula making Leif fight the mating urge. The real surprise came with Leif’s mate Jayden and what followed I liked very much. The characters do lack depth since these stories are so short. There were noticeably over used words like “mutedly”. That was used every single time the werewolves’ eyes glowed. I also felt there were parts that were cut and pasted into every story. When the characters are telling their mates about their brothers and sisters, the descriptions are almost word for word the same.

All in all, this volume of Roxie’s Protectors was a satisfying read. I love shifter stories and enjoy fated mates. They are like tried and true stories for me. Something I turn to when I need guaranteed HEAs. Though I did struggle with sex making everything better in this series, I could see why it had to. The structure of the world didn’t allow for any “let’s get to know each other”. The reveal for Miles in Leif’s Surrender did make me curious for what comes next. Is he redeemable after all he’s done? I have volume two so I will be finding out soon.

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