Sold To The Berserkers (Berserker Saga #1) by Lee Savino #mfm #mf #review

I’ll never forget the first time I saw them, warriors moving like shadows from the trees. Their eyes seemed to glow with a fierce golden light, moving more like beasts than men. I trembled, every hair on my flesh prickled in the age old response of the hunted. They were predators and I was prey.

They entered the clearing and brought with them the smell of blood. Clad in furs and leather, bristling with weapons, they were warriors the likes of which I’d never seen. Huge, hulking forms, dark shapes pricked with those glowing pairs of eyes.

I could not face them properly, for I was bound to a tree, in the middle of a wilderness, helpless as I waited to be sold to the Berserkers.

When Brenna’s father sells her to a band of passing warriors, her only thought is to survive. She doesn’t expect to be claimed by the two fearsome warriors who lead the Berserker clan. Kept in captivity, she is coddled and cared for, treated more like a savior than a slave. Can captivity lead to love? And when she discovers the truth behind the myth of the fearsome warriors, can she accept her place as the Berserkers’ true mate?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

This is a difficult book for me to review/rate.  Overall, I did enjoy the story – I do have plans on reading more into it in the future.  I thought that the smutty scenes were done very well.  This is a book that is a bit different from the other books by Savino that I have read in the past.  But I did still enjoy it.

I enjoyed Samuel, Daegan, and Brenna’s characters. I thought that they were all really well written.  It was easy to tell them all apart, because they all had completely different personalities.

The reason this book is difficult for me is because of Brenna’s character – the fact that she is mute, and can’t really communicate with Samuel and Daegan, yet they still went about starting the relationship with her – with telling her that she belonged to them and she didn’t have a choice about it – that’s where I had the issue.

Now, still don’t get me wrong – I did like how the story ended up playing out, but the beginning part was a bit difficult for me to get through.  After I did get through it I did enjoy the story and you could really tell how much Samuel and Daegan cared for her. It was just the beginning that bothered me.

Overall though – it was a good read and I will be sure to read more in the future!

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