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Thomas, an older gay musician living in a small Southern town, is ready to start a family. He fosters Jeremy, a special needs boy with no arms, and teaches him to play the drums so Jeremy can realize his potential to do anything he wants. Though it takes time, Thomas’s closeted boyfriend Randy steps out of the shadows to be part of what Thomas is working to build. With the advent of marriage equality, it’s a different world in the Deep South—one where the three of them have the chance to be a family.

Yet no one said it would be easy, and they soon learn the foster care system is far from perfect.

Just as Jeremy begins to settle in and thrive, his biological father reappears, demanding custody. Thomas and Randy know the man is unfit to care for Jeremy, but the law says otherwise. It seems they’re the only ones looking out for Jeremy’s best interests, and they face an uphill battle if they want to keep their new family together.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Liz Cat

Ringo and the Sunshine Police by Nick Wilgus is a contemporary romance about building the modern family. Gay musician Thomas wants to start a family. He welcomes a little boy, Jeremy, from abusive background with no arms into his home and heart. It takes this special little boy to inspire Thomas’ partner, Randy to come out of the closet to help Thomas provide stability for Jeremy. The good things in life are never easy, but these men prove that family is worth fighting for.

I seem to be on a heart-wrenching reading kick lately, and Ringo and the Sunshine Police fits squarely into that category. Wilgus took readers on an emotional ride that didn’t slow down until the last page. I loved the way this couple pulled together to build Jeremy up and help him realize his potential. Never once did it feel like Thomas or Randy had anything in their hearts except doing what was right for Jeremy. The strength of their love will no doubt be a solid foundation for their expanding family. I would recommend Ringo and the Sunshine Police to anyone who loves a sappy book with multi-dimensional characters. I can’t wait to read more of Nick Wilgus’ work!

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