Dragon’s Heart (Dragon’s Soul #2) by Stephani Hecht #mm #review @PridePublishing

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Book Two in the Dragon’s Soul series.

Sometimes you have to face your horrible past or else you will never have a bright, happy future.

Lester has always been only half good enough—half a sorcerer, half a dragon, but all a bastard, he was shunned and unwanted as a child. So, the first thing he does when he can is move away to the human world, and he never looks back. But the supernatural world is coming to him. The war between the Dragons and the sorcerers is at its climax and both sides want Lester on their side.

Dragon shifter Mick grew up watching his best friend Lester being abused and shunned. Now that he’s back, Mick is more determined than ever to protect him. As the two find themselves falling in love, will they be able to overcome all their obstacles, or will war win over love? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14April's Showering Words

It’s hard live through a horrible upbringing just because you were born to the wrong mother.  Lester survived his youth and left the dragons home because all he would ever be is the bastard son of the king.  Lester made a new home with the humans, and carved out a life where no paranormal beings were.  He was normal with them, not the half-breed, just a man doing his job.  He was happy, the only draw back was the loss of his best friend.

Mick, a dragon warrior and Lester best friend, is there to bring Lester home safely.  His feelings that he has kept to himself, rush right back just a strong as before.  But trouble is about, and Lester finds he must accept both sides of his heritage to help his brothers and to free trapped dragons.

This is an excellent story, that shows just how much a man can live through and still be able to forgive.  The desire to be accepted for who we are is fundamentally bread into each of us. When given a chance to live happily with his family.  Lennox finds love, his mate, and the chance to live at peace with himself and family.  Not all is easy, the war that has been stirring has risen and the dragons need all the help they can get.

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