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I’ve been writing for a while and in the last year I’ve hit more writer’s block/dead weeks than I ever thought possible. 2016 was an epically bad year for me. I’m not sure what happened, but there wasn’t much writing. Even now I’m having terrible writer’s block over this post.


I’m not sure how to cure the block or if there is even a way to cure it. I’ve tried relaxing, taking days off, taking weeks off, going to the beach, drinking alcohol, not drinking alcohol, meditation, working out, music, silence, other art, coloring, painting, yard work, cooking, not cooking, chocolate, and coffee. It’s not working. I’ve kind of just given in to the block and embraced it.


Maybe embracing the suck isn’t so bad. I do find that my closet is organized better. I’ve rearranged my pantry. My kitchen is clean. I’ve been able to cook some gourmet dinners. I guess it is all how you look at it.


Maybe part of the problem is getting time to write is stressful. By the time I actually get set up to write, it seems like something comes up to prevent me from writing. Somehow, I was able to do some writing, maybe it’s because I have a cowriter on a new project. The new book comes out in May. The title is Do I Belong. It’s a NA story about two high schoolers who feel they have no place in life. I can’t wait until it’s done and out for all of you to read.


Healing Love, my latest release, was actually a rerelease. I’m happy I have the rights back on Love Without Borders, the first part of Healing Love. The story is very dear to my heart. It was hard to write because it’s such a tough subject.


I do love books that twist people up and make them feel. I like creating that moment that makes you wonder how bad it can get. Healing Love takes you past the edge, leaving you wondering how the characters can make it.


I’ve included the blurb and an excerpt of the story below.


Healing Love Blurb

Love without Borders


Jason Ellis believes the attraction he has for Doctor David Blankenship will never be more than lustful dreams until David shows up at the firehouse, asking him to travel to Guatemala for a charity trip. Excited they’ll be working together, Jason is ultimately disappointed because their schedules are too hectic to even speak to each other.


Then magic happens when David seeks out Jason on the third night, giving both of them a taste of paradise. With the ice broken, David plans some alone time. But David’s ex wants to derail their relationship. Insecurities eat away at Jason, leaving them hanging in the balance.


Love Without Restraint


Jason is passionate about life, his career as an EMT, and his love for Dr. David Blankenship. Then disaster steals a part of Jason, plunging him into a pit of self-loathing.


David is determined to breach Jason’s cloak of hopelessness. But each attempt ends with Jason adding another brick to the barrier he’s constructing between them. Somehow, David has to break through before Jason completes the emotional walls even love can’t climb.

Healing Love excerpt

A light rap on the back door startled him. He bolted up and stared at the door for a few beats before shuffling over to peer out of the window. The sight of one of the doctors from Mercy General—to be specific, Doctor David Blankenship—made his heart race. David smiled at him and Jason pulled open the door.

“Doctor Blankenship, what’s up?”

“Hi, Jason, I came by to talk to you about the people you rescued tonight.”

Jason’s heart flopped and his stomach twisted. “Something wrong?”

“No…hey, is that fresh coffee I smell?”

“Yes, sir—doctor, sir. Would you like a cup?” Heat filled Jason. He’d had so many dreams about this man, he didn’t know how to act around him when they weren’t at the hospital with the distractions of glaring lights and loud equipment beeping in the background. Here in the kitchen of the firehouse with the lights turned low, he wanted to touch the man, experience his embrace, and maybe even steal a few kisses.

The doctor smiled. “Thanks, and call me David.”

“Okay. Cream and sugar?”

“No, that’s okay, just black. Didn’t have time when I was interning to add cream or sugar, so I got used to drinking my coffee black. Old habits are hard to break.”

Jason moved to the counter to pour up the brew and David followed, sliding close to Jason, his butt resting against the countertop. “What you did today… Amazing.”

“Um, thanks.” His face flamed. He wished his skin would tan so he could hide his stupid blush.

David’s gaze stayed on Jason, drilling into him. Something swirled between them that felt like attraction to Jason, but was probably the late hour and little sleep. Add to that the aftereffects of saving someone, and he was tied in knots. Any lust he thought he felt coming from David was exhaustion, not mutual attraction. The events of the day had all conspired to make Jason sense something that wasn’t there. The doctor would probably be appalled at what he was thinking.

“Listen, there’s this charity I work with and they have an open spot on one of the trips. It’s not glamorous—messy and dirty, actually. I need to pick someone to go with us—not necessarily a doctor, there’s plenty of those on this trip, but someone who thinks fast. You think fast.”

“Wow, thanks.” Jason’s body tingled at David’s compliments.

David took a sip of his coffee, his eyes half hooded as he stared at Jason. The heat in his gaze turned Jason’s insides to mush. He needed to get a grip on his attraction to this man. It wouldn’t be fair to the guy to get a hard-on over him. Doctor Blankenship was a professional and deserved Jason’s respect, not some lust filled guy wanting to get on his knees and see what happened.

David set down his cup and drew in a deep breath. “I want you to go with me. It’s to Central America. Two weeks. Do you have a passport?”


“Please say you’ll come. I was going to ask one of the nurses, but really, I think you would round out our team.”

“You don’t even know me,” Jason countered.