Secrets of You (Sunshine and Happiness #4) by Skylar M. Cates #mm #review @dreamspinners

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It’s never easy to find redemption.

Carrying scars and regrets, River Darcourt avoids too much intimate contact. Among his friends, he is known as a quiet loner. Forget about love. It’s not something he will consider… until sweet, young, and tempting Morgan Hayes becomes his housemate. River closed his heart long ago, but the attraction is impossible to deny.

Morgan Hayes needs a change. He is moving out of his critical father’s home and in with his friends, including his secret/not-so-secret crush, River. Having feelings for River is a terrible idea. But what is a guy to do when the annoyingly sexy mechanic is just across the hall?

While Morgan has overcome ugliness and is ready for love, he’s just not sure River ever will be. They have both experienced pain in their lives. So Morgan dares River to take a chance, and love will either break their fractured hearts in more pieces or, just possibly, make them whole again.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Liz Cat

Secrets of You, a contemporary M/M romance by Skylar M. Cates, is the fourth book in her Sunshine and Happiness series. River Darcourt has kept his heart locked away. Love can’t touch him, but neither can pain – and that’s just the way he likes it. Until Morgan Hayes moves in across the hall from him, that is. Can Morgan convince him to take a chance?

After reading Secrets of You, I wanted to immediately devour everything Cates has written. Her characters were raw and sweet at the same time, which is not an easy feat to pull off. She pulls the reader into every aspect of these men’s lives. We witness River blossom from loner reluctant to touch and touched to the sensitive man who helps Morgan heal from the damage his critical parents did to him. Their love story is the kind that made me think and feel long after I reached the end. Cates writing is compelling, and I would recommend Secrets of You to anyone who needs a reminder of love’s power.

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