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I want to thank Crystal for allowing me to do this blog. Writing my first book, After The Snap,  was an interesting experience. I had to do a lot of football research. LOTS… It was fun to watch games and for a reason other than just watching. One thing that made it even more fun is I got out of cleaning because I claimed research.
My main character, Seth Mercer, is the big time quarterback. He made a mistake trusting someone he shouldn’t have, but then he met Colby Larsen and his life changes forever. But he and Colby don’t live in the same town…until they do.
The characters from After The Snap got under my skin, giving me so much pleasure as I wrote them. I love the play between the two of them. They are a fun couple.
My second book, Walking Away, was about a Crossfit guy and a dancer turned actor. Again, there was research but this time my research included Crossfit. OMG, those guys and girls are amazing. They can do anything. I think they are like Superman or Supergirl. It is intimidating watching them do their thing. I did go in and take a few classes. It was cool. I have to say a huge thanks to Lisa, Champ, Brad, and Dave.  They were surprised I was writing a book about Crossfit and the community but were very supportive. I appreciate them taking the time to help me understand everything. I will say their food is crazy. Crossfiters know about nutrition. They are dogmatic in their approach on when and how to take in food. I was impressed by how they recorded everything they ate and kept track of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.
My next book will be about football again. I’m looking forward to getting into writing it. Football is so exciting to watch and write about. I think you’ll enjoy my next story.
I’ve included an excerpt for  Walking Away, I hope you enjoy reading it.
After The Snap is on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2mq4m6v
Walking Away is on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2m8vcxQ
Excerpt for Walking Away
The first little bit of hope filled Carter just before the asshole who’d been holding onto him pushed him down a hall and out the back door. He couldn’t see if the man who was his one hope for rescue had followed. His hope faded as he was spun around and pressed against the rough bricks on the side of the building. His face scraped against the wall and he knew it would leave a mark.
Carter screamed as he pushed back, fighting to get free. Then the pressure on his back was gone and he could breathe.
“Get the fuck out of here and don’t come back.” The voice was deep and rough. Carter turned to find the man he’d made eye contact with standing with his back to him, his hands balled at his sides. Maybe Carter was reading too much into how the guy looked, but at that moment, he appeared to be a hero.
“Fuck you, Matt, I was just trying to have some fun.”
“He’s not a party favor. Go find someone who wants to fuck you. Leave the other guys alone.”
Carter leaned against the wall, sucking in air as he tried to recover. He would be bruised. Hell, it had been forever since he’d had to fight off a guy—his first year at college to be exact. But then again, he hadn’t been to a bar scene like this in years. Most of his days and nights were filled with dance and performances, leaving him little time to go check out the local bands.
The dude who’d attacked him was out in a parking lot, still bitching as he wandered through the cars. The man who’d saved Carter turned around, his eyes blazing. The thanks Carter had been about to say died on his tongue as his mouth dried out from the hard look in the guy’s eyes.
“What the fuck are you doing here? It’s dangerous. This isn’t some kiddy bar where you can come to play.”
He opened his mouth to say something when the man gave a short shake of his head, cutting him off with a sharp wave of his hand. This man was even bigger and meaner looking than the dude who had attacked him.
“I wish you kids would stop coming out here. Go home to your mommy until you can hack it with the big boys.”
His hero turned around and stalked off before Carter could get one word out. His head ached and his throat squeezed closed. “I am one of the big boys,” Carter whispered to the empty alley. He blew out a huff of breath before checking to make sure the asshole who had attacked him was well and gone before he made his way to the street and over to the subway entrance. Maybe he shouldn’t have come out without friends, but he’d wanted to see the Blue Spiders in concert. He had a few of their songs from iTunes but wanted to experience them live. Next time, he’d get someone to go with him.