Delightfully Witchy (Delightfully Witchy #1) by Acacia K. Parker #mf #review

I’d like to get something out of the way.

Witches are real…I just don’t happen to be a very good one.

It’s rather unfortunate, to have magic coursing through your blood and be unable to tap into its true potential. I guess that’s how life works though, and instead of dwelling on the matter, I’ve moved on. At thirty-four, I have to if I want to stay sane, and sane is a very good thing to be.

Of course, life likes to throw wrenches in the mix sometimes, which is exactly what happens when Lincoln Summers walks into my little shop looking for a rare Stone. Who’s Lincoln Summers, you ask? Oh, well…he’s only the most famous of us, and he also happens to be extremely gorgeous. Honestly, my imagination couldn’t have done a better job. That would be fine, by the way, if I wasn’t completely and totally awkward around anyone who looked good in a suit, or who I imagined could do awful, terrible things to me given the opportunity.

Problem with chance is, it doesn’t exit. Things tend to happen for a reason, so when three men come into my shop asking about Lincoln and the same rare Stone, I do what anyone else in my position would do…


You’d lie…right? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14A-nony-mouseTAG

Delightfully Witchy is one of those books that was hard to review. It wasn’t super bad, but it wasn’t great either. There was a lot of explanation where none was needed, and the characters did a lot of smiling or blushing. To be honest, that’s one of the things that stuck with me most – how often “He smiled” Or “She blushed” came up. It felt like a middle school romance with all the smiling and blushing going on, but these were two adult characters.

The heroine – Emmie –‘s sister Adalaide acted rather teenagerish as well for a grown woman who is a lawyer. She went positively ga-ga over the possibility that Emmie was going to get laid.

So at first, considering the rich and handsome hero (Lincoln) invited Emmie to dinner and smiled at her a lot makes one think this is a romance. Err, no. There’s a dating story going on, but it’s not a romance. I’m not even sure what to qualify this as except as part of a serial. There are bad men after a Linux Stone and the hero bought it off Emmie. And yes – Linux Stone is continually capitalized.

This book couldn’t make up its mind. Was it action? Romance? Magic? Or a twist where none of them came out the victor? To be bluntly honest, the reading level was too immature for me. For someone who wasn’t reading and understanding Shakespeare at ten years old, they might love this book.

Lincoln’s friend Decker was described as having a Germanic English accent. Germanic? Okay. English – well, that covers a vast array, but okay. But Germanic English? I can’t put that together in my head.

All in all, it was a story that was more a beginning than a full book. It didn’t end. It just left off for the next installment.

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