Book of Spells by Bill Lucas #mf #review

So one day you inherit a bookshop. It turns out to be a magical gateway to other realms where goblins and elves are real, where magic is possible and there is an evil witch who wants to destroy the world.
Oh and as owner of the gateway it’s your job to stop her. Perhaps not your best Monday ever!
But you are not alone, a tubby school friend, a hobgoblin magic coach, assorted elves and an ADHD pixie should all make your life easier; when you finally work out how to cast some spells.
Book of Spells is an urban fantasy novel for all of those people who wish they could step out of their boring reality into something more magical, but with added guns and pizza!

I grew up on fantasy books. Wonderfully fantastic creatures combined with magic wets my whistle and can have me reading a huge book in one long sitting.

I loved the premise of Book of Spells. Sadly, the execution ran flat.

Who can’t love a tale about a man who inherits the bookshop he’s been working in and finds out there is a lot more to it than he expects? Gotluk and Fae and let’s not forget Pyewacket the Pixie. And the bookshop is a central spot for those of the Earth and Fae realms to cross over. The ideas were wonderful. (Loved the mirrored room.)

The night Pete and Nigel met Grim and talked to the generations of men who had protected the spot was fun. Especially Radko. Though it also felt like an information dump.

Unfortunately, there were so many problems that I couldn’t enjoy the story. Verb tense changes. Wrong word uses such as “had not uttered a work since we had rescued him”. A plethora of exclamation points that made the characters sound like they had taken a few uppers.

The execution continually popped me out of the story so it was impossible to enjoy. Which is sad because the concept and plot was fantastic. As such, I can only give it 2 stars. This is another story I hope the author rewrites, has edited, and fine tunes, scratching out all the mistakes and making it all bright and shiny. If they do, I would love to re-read and re-review. I sincerely think this book has real potential. It just needs some work.

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