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It is with a heavy heart that I let you all know this will be my last post here at Crystal’s Many Reviewers. Unfortunately, and to put matters as simply as possible: I’ve run out of free time and energy. The days seem to be no more than eleven hours long, with thirty hours’ worth of stuff that I need to cram into them. I’ve been forced to step back and see what I’m doing during the day that will get me the most bang for my emotional and inspirational buck, and as much as I’d love to think that people want to read what I have to say… well… let’s face it, even I’m sick of listening to myself at this point.

It’s time to re-devote myself to what I’ve been pontificating and blabbering about in the first place: the craft. The process, the stories, the characters. I need to get my head back into that world so I can remind myself that I have fun doing this. That it’s worthwhile. That I’m making a difference by presenting stories wherein true love conquers all and happily-ever-after is the norm as opposed to the rarity.

The problem is, there is so much destructive negativity in my head these days that if I don’t force myself to do something other than think, I’m going to… well, I’m going to spend too much time thinking. Thinking about things like the fact that an unimaginable percentage of my neighbours to the south believe that it’s either okay to be homophobic, racist, and/or misogynistic. Or, that if it isn’t necessarily “okay,” they can at least accept those things taking place.

I’m going to think about how many people in my own country have made sideways remarks about how maybe the U.S. knows what’s right and how we should be taking notes. That thought is going to end up with my brain buzzing through mental images of disgusting viruses and parasites creeping, leeching, and bleeding over the border to infect Canadian minds. Then I’m going to wonder if they ever needed to be infected in the first place or if there’s a hidden chunk of our population that’s just as messed up with their reasoning, and have figured it’s finally safe to come out of hiding.

I’m going to spend too much time recalling the words of those people who have said that as a Canadian none of this is any of my business, anyway – not my circus, not my monkeys, I can leave the way I came in, thank you very much – and I should mind where I stick my nose. Yet, there I’ll be, worrying that the next four years are about to impact everyone on this planet in ways that we can only… hell, I’d like to say “imagine,” but I can’t. We don’t need to “imagine” what happens when crazy people take command. History has shown us that time and time again.

I’m going to deliberate on the meaning behind Brexit, and instances of terrorism, and gun laws, and human trafficking, and the butterfly effect and mob mentality, and elitism, and what I can do, if anything, to stop it. Then I’m going to remember all those posts out there about how authors should keep their opinions to themselves, as if by being a mere writer none of this should bother me enough to speak out on it. But then, I’m just an author. Just ask Piers Morgan; or are authors somehow different from actors if you’re a fancy journalist, Piers? Regardless, don’t the “justs” get to take a stand?

Then I’m going to start wondering if most of us are, after all “just” someone? And if the “just” portion of the population don’t make a stand then who will? Don’t the “just” portion of our populations outnumber the whatever-the-hell you would call the other side of that equation? Maybe the “unjust?”

Finally, I’m going to end up dwelling on the fact that there are readers out there who read this genre but don’t support the LGBTQ* community. Then, worse, I’ll think of the people that make their money either writing, publishing, filming, or acting for this community, but have spoken publicly in defense of their support for the right-wing maniacs that want to destroy it.

What the fuck? I mean, seriously… what the actual fuck?

Then my head is going to start pounding, my heart is going to break a little bit more, and I’m not going to be able to write. Trust me; that’s where my head and heart have spent the last several months and not writing is killing me.

I’m tired. I’m worried. I guess a lot of us are.

I have no intention on turning my back on any cause that I believe in. I won’t do that. Right now I can’t do that; none of us can. But I have to make sure that I can do all that and still have time to write. Even if that means I have to sacrifice doing some of the other things I do.

So, a great big thank you to the few of you who always stop in to read and comment and support me; you know where I’ll be, and if you don’t, there’s a whole bunch of places you can find me listed below.

To Crystal, and all the members and friends of Crystal’s Many Reviewers: thank you for this opportunity and my best wishes for your continued success.

Fight the good fight, folks.

All my love,

AF Henley <3



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About the Author:

Henley was born with a full-blown passion for run-on sentences, a zealous indulgence in all words descriptive, and the endearing tendency to overuse punctuation. Since the early years Henley has been an enthusiastic writer, from the first few I-love-my-dog stories to the current leap into erotica. A self-professed Google genius, Henley lives for the hours spent digging through the Internet for ‘research purposes’ which, more often than not, lead far away from first intentions but bring Henley to new discoveries and ideas.

Henley has been proudly publishing with Less Than Three Press since 2012.

5 thoughts on “AF Henley Monthly Spotlight! #mm #guestpost @AFHenley

  • Raphael

    *hugs so so tight*
    It has always been an honour to follow your posts here, my wonderful friend. Your posts have always been not only great fun, enterteining, and most of all thought provoking.

    I am crossing my fingers so hard that you will be able to return to your craft and again will bring the light of hope that besides the darkness in so many spots in the world, there are (not small) pockets of happiness and that outside the worms and maggots of politics us normal people are still caring very much for each other.

    The reality also is that people still fall in love, do good things to each other, and do care for the world around them.

    That has always been a captivating part of your beautiful work, buddy.

    Do not surrender your thoughts to the crazy things that happen right now in the world, you are stronger and better than that. And never forget: The sun will always shine behind the clouds.

    I will seriously miss your monthly posts here, my friend. Thank you so very, very much for sharing so much of who you are with us!

    Be happy. Be safe!


  • Lavender Wynter

    I am sad to see you leave guest blog posts, but I understand your circumstances. Stay strong and remember, people like you made who I am today thanks to books brave enough to give me something different. To pass on the wise words of an author: Keep writing. ^_~

    I’ve been having my battles too, online and offline. There isn’t infection from what I can see. There are always going to be people who hide until they think their beliefs can once again trump all others. It seems like an eventual and repeated cycle, and I have been thinking so hard on it, it has crawled into my writing and earned me headaches. It reminds me of something I heard in the Buddhist community: humanity is doomed to repeat history’s mistakes over and over until the correct lessons have been learned and enlightenment achieved.

    Obviously the world has forgotten lessons, and history has been contorted once more. The next four years are going to be a big lesson, or many big lessons, to be learned, indeed.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • AF Henley

      Thank you. Unfortunately, I think you may be right about that. It’s been great to read your comments and I appreciate you taking the time to read. <3

  • Jack Frost

    If I didn’t want to hear what you had to say, I wouldn’t follow you at all. 😀 So, very much interested in hearing what you have to say. Whether it be a blog post, or a book. Both are you saying what you want to say. Losing one venue for that voice is not the same as losing that voice.

    I personally have great hope for the world. I’m uncertain about the immediate future. But I personally feel like what I’ve seen, small though it may be, is evidence that we might be okay. Eventually.

    You know, I feel like actors and authors have such great platforms to reach so many people that those in power or those who seek only to show the truth fear them. Each for different reasons obviously. Trump, for instance, had a following that believed his BS long before he ever ran for president. A platform where they can cause tremendous good and tremendous harm if they speak out too hastily. And in the world of social media it’s possible to greatly influence your friends and family and them to influence their own. So that a single post by a “just” or a “nobody” becomes the basis for a movement.

    So there is an inherent danger and hope in people speaking up for what they believe. If they react without thinking, without researching, without knowing. They can cause harm. If they fail to speak up when it is most needed, they can cause harm. You see it all of the time by those being critiqued by actors. “Where were they when such and such was happening? Where was their outrage then?” As though that is a valid argument or ignoring their statements now. People sometimes don’t recognize a need, others keep quiet because it’s not their place until they can’t keep quiet anymore, some agreed with a situation at the time and later began to regret. You can’t fully question why “now” when they refused previously. It’s an important question, because it does ask us to question motive, but only as a side note to whether the statement is correct regardless of motive.

    I don’t believe anyone can be “just” anything. Even politicians, supposed experts in their fields, get politics wrong. The idea that we have no right to speak out, to inform ourselves and inform others is a false one. And one I will never support. However, I will support a claim of “be careful.” Never, in fear, evoke others to fear. Inform and fight. Build up and enlighten. And alway do so with as much information on your side as you can garner. You have power because people like your words. And I trust those words. Not blindly, but with respect.

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