Hidden Prey (Deadly Intent #1) by Cheyenne McCray #mf #review @CheyenneMcCray @Totally_Bound


Tori Cox, a talented and sought-after musician, heads back to her roots to a small southwest town in Arizona as she flees an abusive relationship. When she arrives she witnesses the execution of a federal agent by the head of the Jimenez Cartel. The drug cartel kingpin orders his men to kill Tori before she can testify.


Landon Walker, a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security, rescues Tori from members of one of the most ruthless cartels in the world. He sets out to protect her, but soon protecting her isn’t enough. The fire between them makes him want her in a way that he’s never wanted another woman, despite his wounded heart.


Diego Montego Jimenez will do everything in his power to kill Tori, the young American woman, who threatens his business and family. No one lives to testify against the Jimenez Cartel.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence and sexual assault.

Publisher’s Note: This book has been previously released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Totally Bound Publishing.

As the first book it the author’s Lawman series, Hidden Prey sets the tone for an exciting and wild ride! Landon Walker works for the Department of Homeland Security. He breathes, eats, and sleeps the job, leaving no time for anything else.  When his focus becomes the witness in the take down of a large drug cartel, he realizes how much he has been missing out of life and how sexy and frustrating the opposite sex can be.

Tori Cox never thought she would be the star witness of a federal investigation…especially one involving her ex.  But, that’s exactly what happens and what puts in the path of the sexy Agent Walker. The musician and the agent create a combustible pair who cannot deny their attraction to on another, no matter how much they try.

I found this book to be incredibly well written and the story line to be well developed. The author’s words sucked me in, held on tight, and did not let go until the very last page! I admit to having a weakness for a good romantic suspense story with a strong hero, a heroine who isn’t a weakling, and a story that keeps me wanting more. Cheyenne McCray delivered that in a way that makes me want so much more from this series!! I can’t wait to read more about the Lawman and get to know the rest of the crew!!


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