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Joshua, a dragon shifter, hates having to go to the Faeted Matchmaking Agency, but he’s running out of time to find a mate, and he’s failed everywhere else. He only has a few more months before he enters the next stage of his life, and he’s getting desperate.

Dragon tradition states that he must have a partner to help him transition into independence from his clan. A long-time friend would be sufficient, but Joshua doesn’t have any of those either. Faeted is his last hope.

Rex expected Faeted to set him up with someone fun and sexy, but he was never expecting a dragon. As an eagle shifter, a dragon is a good match for him since they’re both born to fly. Joshua is far more cautious than Rex expects a dragon to be, but Rex knows he can get Joshua to loosen up with a bit of push.

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As Joshua was a very short tale, I don’t have a lot to say about it except I really enjoyed it. Joshua’s your typical almost-twenty dragon shifter. He likes what most dragons like: he likes sex, starting fires, and absconding with cows for a nice juicy steak. But at twenty, he has to transition from living with his parents to living on his own and by dragon law, he has to find someone who will help him do that. Not wanting his parents or the dragon elders to do choose his partner, he goes to Faeted Matchmaking to get their help.

This story was just plain cute. From a matchmaking agency run by Fae to Joshua himself, who was just… Joshua – there is no other way to put it. Joshua was Joshua. And the Capture the Virgin game was a fair bit of genius. But I think the part that ensured I loved this book was when Joshua described dragons walking on land as ‘looking more like a ferret bouncing around rather than the top predator I was.’

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This is a short read. Great for lunch or evening.  Energetic and fun, there is humor that will make you laugh out loud.

Joshua a young dragon, who like all dragons like fire, fights and sex.  He is also a loner, so when he needs to find a mate, he is coming up short.  So when he learns of a seek and find game where he will meet his mate, he can’t wait.  A dragon is not the prettiest animal on the ground, so he decides to be the fastest.

I absolutely adored Rex. He is happy, hyper, and has a high sex drive. He is also there to meet his mate.  He is like the energizer bunny, except he’s an eagle.  I just want to have a great time with these two.


This was a short story about Joshua, a dragon turning twenty in a couple of months who needed someone to help him through his transition. Since he didn’t have a lover or friend who he wanted to bond with, his parents sent him to the Faeted Marketing Agency.


There isn’t much that I can say about this story that doesn’t give away spoilers since it’s so short. It was fun and angst free. Both Joshua and Rex were endearing and the sex was smoking. The writing was such that a lot of meaning was conveyed in such few words. It was a good length to entertain me for an hour when I didn’t have time for something longer but still left me contented in the end and wondering at what would come next.

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