A Glitch in the System by Adam Aust #mf #review @AdamAustAuthor

Angela Gianni lived a quiet, alternative life as a dominatrix on the outskirts of Los Angeles—until her closest friend and secret lover both disappeared, and a bloody corpse materialized in her beach bungalow. With no memory of the murder, and bodies piling up as fast as the incriminating evidence against her, Angela’s only hope may be F.B.I. agent John Bancroft and the potential link between his twelve-year-old cold case and her own. But with the walls closing in around her, and her circumstances turning from desperate to dire, Angela might not survive long enough to connect the dots . . .addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14rachelle-tag

This is a difficult book to review for me because beyond what is given in the blurb there isn’t much that I can talk about that won’t give out spoilers. I expected a mystery suspense when I picked this up and didn’t realize that it was also a courtroom drama which is not normally my thing. I find that courtroom procedurals drag, becoming tedious and often time boring. I didn’t experience that with A Glitch In the System. It was evident that the author had either done their due diligence in research or had experience with the process. Though there was precision and detailed, it kept my attention until it switched back to


I did get the suspense-filled mystery that I’d expected to read. The plot is a knot of plot twists that kept me guessing right up to the end. The writing was tight and the characters well developed. The way the story was laid out wasn’t what I expected, again, and it worked well to hold my attention and kept the pace from slowing down. Definitely a book I would recommend to those who are looking for a good, sexy mystery with legal intrigue.

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