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Long ago, the Olympian Gods conquered and nearly destroyed an earlier race known as the Titans. Echidna, Mother of Monsters, was imprisoned in Tartarus. Centuries later, she has escaped. Entering the modern world, Echidna finds the old Gods are gone, and vows to destroy every descendant of the Olympians.

In the contemporary Pacific Northwest, Adrian and Annelise have lived comfortably–unaware of their Olympian birthright and its significance. When Adrian is introduced to Zack, sparks fly and their initial contact slowly turns to romance.

Echidna unleashes a brutal attack and Zack reveals his Divine lineage. Now he must teach the twins about their own heritage, and how to wield their unique powers for the battle to come. The final battle between Titans and Olympians will be held in the Underworld. Modern weapons have no place and only magic can prevail.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14rachelle-tag

Adrian and Annelise are twins with bloodlines that lead back to the Greek gods. Drilling by humans broke the ancient prison, Tartarus, releasing the primordial goddess Echidna. Her goal is to wipe out all who have god’s blood.

I started this because I was interested to see how the story would unfold. What would children of old gods do in the modern times? How would they defeat a goddess more powerful than their diluted bloodlines? This wasn’t quite the adventure I’d hoped for but still very good.

There was a lot of conversation but not much introspection that you’d find in a character driven plot. Things like why Adrian was angry and hostile towards Zack was never addressed. Adrian had zero thoughts on the matter. After a while, not knowing what was going on inside the characters’ heads, what made them tick became annoying for me. Without that intimacy between me and the characters, there was a distance between me and the story. With how Echidna was written, she had more depth than the other characters. In contrast, the flashbacks and dream sequences were intense and interesting. I appreciated the imagery they invoked.

I really liked the age of the characters. It was nice to read about heroes and heroines who were older than twenty-something. I thought it was funny that Adrian was forty-eight and had issues with Zack being twelve years older than him. It was a nice touch. The pacing was good and I enjoyed how the mythos was employed in the big battle. The imagery there was superb. I would categorize this as an action adventure with romantic elements. The ending was more of a HFN. I would definitely recommend this to those who enjoy a plot driven contemporary fantasy.

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