Bridge Over Troubled Water by Vivien Dean #mm #review @loveunleashed

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Detective Brady Lindstrom deals in death, and not just because he’s a homicide cop with the slaughter of a century to solve. Ten years ago, vampires murdered his lover. Ever since, he’s looked over his shoulder, ready for vampires to strike again.

Exhausted and angry about the needless deaths he has to investigate, Brady worries that the killers he’s looking for aren’t even human. Those fears are compounded by an unexpected visitor, the battered and nearly broken Cole Singer, the lover he’d long ago given up for dead. When Cole offers to trade information on the killers in exchange for sanctuary, Brady realizes he doesn’t have a choice. It’s not about justice. He simply can’t turn his back on the only man he’s ever loved. Even if he’s a vampire.

Note: Bridge Over Troubled Water was previously released by another publisher but has been revised and reedited in this version. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14rachelle-tag

For ten years Brady has been haunted by the loss of his boyfriend and terrified that Cole will come back for him. Every couple of years Brady moves and he only feels safe sleeping in the daytime. When Cole shows up on his doorstep, hunted and bleeding, Brady is ready to turn Cole away (and move once again) but the nature of Cole’s injuries are eerily similar to a case Brady is working on. Against his better judgement, he invites Cole in.


At the heart of this story Brady is learning to trust Cole again. It’s obvious, no matter how rude he is to Cole, that he’s still in love with Cole. But he believes that what Cole is now is only someone pretending to be his former lover. The process of Brady learning that not everything is as he suspects and gradually comes to trust Cole is shown bit by bit. Brady’s hostile and abrasive at first and gradually we learn his reasons for his behavior.  Cole’s patience was endearing. I, myself, would’ve gotten impatient with Brady. Good thing I’m not Cole, huh?


The danger from the murders worried me because they seemed so formidable compared to Cole. I enjoyed seeing Cole’s vulnerability when it came to Brady that turned to fierce protectiveness. In the end, I did feel as if Brady and Cole had more story to tell but I also liked that Brady’s issues with Cole being a vampire wasn’t swept under the rug. If there is a sequel to the story I would definitely jump into it.

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