The Veteran’s Homecoming (Seasons of Change Book 1) by Michelle King #mf #review @loveunleashed

Zachary Roberson is home on an extended leave due to a battlefield injury. Annoyed with the involuntary R&R, he takes the opportunity to reconnect with his brother, Jeremy. When he learns that Jeremy’s latest girlfriend had been dipping into his brother’s bank accounts, leaving him in a bad place financially, he sets out to make things right. Not really what you’d call R&R, but he hadn’t wanted it anyway, and he’s a Marine. Marines thrive on conflict.

Yet Annabel is no predator. She’s a victim with a lifetime of scars. All her life she’s been nothing but a commodity. Jeremy’s lies and deceit may not have been the most horrible thing in her life, but it brought her back to a very dark place. Isolated, alone, and unfairly scorned.

Far too late, Zach discovers he’s been badly misled. He vows to fix what he broke and to do what he can to help Annabel before he heads back to the war. It doesn’t take long for him to realize Annabel isn’t a woman he wants to leave behind and that he’s ready to come home for real.

Publisher’s Note: The Veteran’s Homecoming was previously released under the title In Control by another publisher. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Kim Talks TomesTAG

The Veteran’s Homecoming is a powerful and wonderfully written story. Jeremy is a man with a girlfriend who is accused of stealing from him. Jeremy’s brother, Zachary, makes it his mission to protect his brother and catch Annabel in the act while he is home recovering from a combat injury. But, Annabel isn’t the guilty party and her past haunts her in a terrible way. Zach realizes this and tries to make amends with her and discovers she is more than just his brother’s thief….she’s the one he wants.

I wasn’t expecting this story to be as good as it was. Yes, I love a great suspenseful, military, story. But, The Veteran’s Homecoming sucked me in and didn’t let go. Annabel’s vulnerability played well, even though she was, also, full of strength. Zach’s protective nature went from wanting to protect his brother to protecting the one he accused and falling for her. Talk about a swoon worthy hero! She steals his heart and makes him want to settle down and leave the Marines and make a new life with her.

Overall, this is a wonderfully written story guaranteed to steal any reader’s heart.

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