Legion by Rider Jacobs #mm #review @MLRPress

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Even the darkest of hearts can find love.

Banished to the mortal realm for a crime he didn’t commit all Nico wants to do is return home. Legion feels love is weakness, it’s an emotion only felt by fools. Answering a bundled summoning attempt Legion’s world is turned upside down by the exotic Nico. Intrigued by the mortal, Legion finds himself unable to stay away. Refusing to believe he might actually be falling in love he sets out to discover who has cast such a wicked spell on him. Nico has a secret though, one that could end his relationship and destroy his chance to return home.


This was an interesting take on celestial beings and mythology. It was as if all the pantheons had been shoved into one combined reality to create a huge buffet of kingdoms and then the author added their own thoughts to how things worked with twenty-nine realms, a King, and Prince.


I was disappointed in the lack of detail in the world. Legion is called the Dark Prince over the Dark Realms but what that means is only shown twice. First when Nico sees one of Legion’s right-hand men (more than one hundred pages into the story and after I’d fixed into my mind what I thought he looked like) he gives a physical description. Then a little later when Legion walks in his realm and stops at a gallows tree. These two instances were the only glimpse given into Legion’s world. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not. Did the author expect the reader to know what “dark” meant for this world or were they leery of showing the true darkness of these realms and still make Legion a character one could sympathize with? Because there wasn’t a shown distinction from the beginning, Legion and his brother, Adoni who rules the other twenty realms, read as the same character until the true distinctions were made between the two.


Other than that, I enjoyed Nico and his shaky romance with Legion. The information on Nico’s predicament was doled out gradually throughout the story, keeping my interest. I rooted for their happily-ever-after, especially for Nico who everybody conveniently forgot about. The world concept was unique and I would be interested to see what was in all twenty-nine realms.

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