Over the Ivy Wall (Clearwater Book 10) by Rosa Sophia #mf #review

Clara Pendleton is a prisoner in her home. Always searching for new places to hide from her uncle, whose drunken attention terrifies and confuses her, she finds a tiny clearing in the back of the property near a disintegrating section of the ivy-covered wall that surrounds the estate.

Gaven Bridge has been sent to Clearwater to live with his Uncle Daniel. Never fitting in, he doesn’t believe he’ll ever meet anyone who understands him. But when he goes out for a walk in the woods, he happens upon a young lady sleeping soundly on a patch of moss.

A deep bond is fostered between them, helping Clara find the courage to change her life. When she finally decides to climb over the ivy wall and out into the world, there is no going back. Will Clara escape her horrible past, or will it destroy the love she and Gaven share?

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I found this to be a sad story, yet filled with inspiration, acceptance and hope.  Clara grew up as an only child; adored by her parents she had it all.  Every day was a dream come true for her until one day at the age of six, it all came crashing down around her.  The death of her parents turned her happy childhood into a nightmare.

Her uncle, aunt and younger cousin took her into their home, but things will never be the same again for her.  The uncle is a drunk who does the unspeakable, leading Clara to find hiding places around the grounds and estate, and her younger cousin to hide in her room, escaping in a book.  Now alone and never allowed to leave the grounds, surrounded by a fence, she finds a potential friend when Gavin comes into her life.

He is a walking shell of a human.  Living with his uncle, medicated to the point he feels nothing, everything in the world is black and white, which is just what Clara needs.  A friendship grows as Gavin gives her how he views her new life and Clara is able to see her reality clearly for the first time, but will a relationship grow into a life line for both of them?

It is as if two missing pieces in the puzzle of life have finally found each other, but will this world and their families allow them to see what the future can bring?  It is difficult to say I enjoyed this story, but I did invest in it and felt the emotions the author laid out for the reader.  My heart broke many times, often I found I wanted to climb in the book and whisk them both away from the nightmare life handed them.  I fell in love even more with Clara and Gavin as their stories unfolded.  To know where they came from, the downfall of their life due to things beyond their control captured my heart and mind and left me missing them once the final page was turned.

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