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FBI Special Agents Matt Oliver and Allie Quinn have a reputation for doing whatever it takes to stay alive and get the job done. It’s an added plus that part of their undercover assignment includes unfettered sex. Little do they realize what “doing anything” will involve when they come together for what is supposed to be a simple job…or how distracting that “anything” will be. A short vacation keeps those sparks flying, but as they reassume their fake identities, each wonders if they can maintain that do-anything reputation now that love is barreling their way. Doing whatever it takes to complete an undercover mission holds new meaning to a man in love with his partner–a partner he now has to share with another man.

Simon Petrocelli and Emily Keating lost everything dear to them, including each other. Will Fate grant them another chance or is it too late?

Publisher’s Note: Teamwork was previously released by another publisher and contains the bonus story, Never Too Late. Both have been re-edited and revised for this edition. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Kim Talks TomesTAG

Matt and Allie. Allie and Matt. They’re a combustible pair. Both working on a case to bring down Sumner and his thugs. Things become intense and scary, but the two come together. Yes, that kind of together. They’re a distraction from the job. From life. From all things scary. But, they can’t help it and their lust prevails.

This is one intense and HOT story! I mean, really HOT! The sex is off the charts and the writing is good, too!! I can’t tell you how many breaks I had to take to fan myself. The suspense part of the story was well done and kept me wanting more…even when I was distracted by the amazing sex scenes.

In the bonus story, Never Too Late, Simon and Emily are featured and they deal with their marriage falling part and their feelings over it. I found this story heart wrenching and hard to read. Not because it’s poorly done, just the opposite. It was so intense, sexy, and well done and very realistic.

Overall, this is now a must watch author for me and I’ll be checking out some of her other books, very soon.

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