Russian Blau (Dragons Schooled #1) by Emily Carrington #mm #review @loveunleashed

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Ice dragon Blau Lepa seeks nothing more or less than to be a professor at SearchLight Academy. He’s wanted to teach his whole life, and considers it a sacred calling. When he meets Professor Rob Boyle, he’s instantly attracted. But both he and Rob are convinced that teachers and students shouldn’t be involved, not to mention that Blau’s afraid to bond with a human who will pass away so quickly.

On top of his scruples, Rob’s suffering from a broken heart. Eventually he gives in to his attraction and finds being dominated by Blau fills him with soaring desires and heals his wounded heart. But is that enough to make him decide to throw away his humanity and accept magical powers so that he can spend all eternity with his lover?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14A-nony-mouseTAG

Russian Blau started off well. We learned there’s a history between Rob and Charlie and saw the beginnings of Blau’s last term in school. We learned they were at a school that dealt with mystical creatures and mystical subjects. Rob’s a human, Blau’s an Ice Dragon, and Charlie’s half-werewolf. And then it just kind of crumbled to dust.

The book became all about how Blau and Rob could get into the shower to have sex – and really quick sex at that never minding the fact that Rob teaches at the school and Blau is a student – and left all the things the book first brought up about werewolves and vampires, and mates, and all-sorts-of-hinted-at mystical creatures, behind.

So if you want a book that’s all about two men wanting to get it on without actually having good sex, you might enjoy it. I did not. I felt like it gave the reader a really big promise at the beginning of the book and did not deliver. Especially the ending which came out of nowhere.

There was very little descriptive narrative, which left out some scenes that could have been majorly awesome – such as the Mark v Rob scene at the end. And to have Charlie’s troubles seem like they were just going to go to dust without either giving him hope or at least giving us a hint that he might go elsewhere? I feel like as a reader, I was misled. Why does that school have so much power? One of the things that bothers me is I would like to know why nobody mentions that Mark and James have the same last name. As they are both dragons and the last name isn’t exactly common, one would think someone would imagine they were related. Or at least ask.

So many little hints that were never fully explained, leaving me somewhat frustrated.

Entirely frustrated, but still giving the book 3 stars.

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