Faking It by Kait Gamble #mf #review @kaitgamble @Totally_Bound

Some secrets can be explosive…

One last job…

The patrons of Totally Five Star Chamonix would be stunned to find out that beautiful, sophisticated and elegant Ana Meier is not there for the social event of the year. Once a thief, she has been forced back into the life for one final mission.


When Rhys Stone lays eyes on Ana again, there’s no doubt in his mind that the fire between them still smolders. He’s willing to do just about everything to convince her that they’re good together…except tell her the truth about what he’s been doing during their time apart.


Seeing the love of her life alive and being faced with all the lies between them aren’t complications she anticipated, but Ana isn’t going to let him get in her way. Not when the success of this job means saving the son Rhys knows nothing about.

Even loving Rhys isn’t going to stop her from going through him if she must.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Kim Talks TomesTAG

Kait Gamble knows how to write a good story and Faking It is a good story. Full of suspense, intrigue, and plot twists, this story takes the reader on an adventure throughout the pages. Ana is a thief and reluctant to trust. When Rhys breaks down her barriers, it leaves her confused…in a good way. Rhys won’t in her way, though. No matter how much she likes him.

I really did enjoy this story. The push and pull between the characters kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting more. Even the suspense storyline was well done. Ana and Rhys are well developed characters with flaws and strength, each holding their own. I really liked how badass Ana was.

Overall, it’s a wonderful addition to this author’s collection of books! Great job!

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