Not-So-Straight Sue (Girl Meets Girl #2) by Cheyenne Blue #ff #review @iamcheyenneblue @YlvaPublishing


“Sorry, I’m straight.” Those words, accompanied by a smile, were the ones Sue Brent used to turn down women. But the truth was buried so deep that even her best friend, Nora, didn’t know that Sue was queer. Sometimes, Sue even managed to convince herself. The only person in London who’d seen through her façade was Moni, an American tourist.
When a date with a friend’s brother goes disastrously wrong, Sue has to confront the truth about herself. Leaving London, she returns to Australia to take up the reins in an outback law practice. Back in the country of her birth, she is finally able to accept who she is, including facing Denise, the woman who burned her so badly years ago and set her on the path of pretence. But it’s not until Moni arrives in Queensland to work for the Flying Doctors that Sue is finally able to see a path to happiness. However, as things start to go her way, Denise arrives in Mungabilly Creek, begging a favour that might destroy Sue’s new relationship.

The second in the Girl Meets Girl series of standalone novels with intertwined characters.

287 pages
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This is the second book in the series, but I do think that it can be read as a standalone.

In this book we get to spend time with Sue, who is “straight” as far as anyone knows.  That is until Moni comes around again.

I did love the relationship between Sue and Moni because it seemed real.  Sue was battling with her own thoughts and fears, and Moni was there to help show her that not everything is as bad as she may think.

I do have to be honest, I was wondering what the deal was with Sue and why she was hiding the fact that she’s a lesbian, but never fear that information was given in the book.

One thing that really stands out for me is that while Sue is a lawyer and Moni is a doctor, there wasn’t a massive overload of information given about either profession.  I didn’t feel like I was lost because there was so much legal or medical speak that I couldn’t follow along.  I really enjoy that in books because it helps for me to be able to better follow along.

I have read a couple books by this author in the past, and have been pleased with the books.  And this one was no different.  If your looking for a good F/F read, then be sure to get this one!

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