Freckles (2016 Holiday Charity Bundle) by Amy Lane #mm #review @RiptideBooks


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Carter Embree has always hoped to be rescued from his productive, tragically boring, and (slightly) ethically compromised life. But when an urchin at a grocery store shoves a bundle of fluff into his hands, Carter goes from rescuee to rescuer—and he needs a little help.

Sandy Corrigan, the vet tech who helps ease Carter into the world of dog ownership, first assumes that Carter is a crazy-pants client who just needs to relax. But as Sandy gets a glimpse into the funny, kind, sexy man under Carter’s mild-mannered exterior, he sees that with a little care and feeding, Carter might be Super-Pet Owner—and decent boyfriend material to boot.

But Carter needs to see himself as a hero first. As he says good-bye to his pristine house and hello to carpet treatments and dog walkers, he finds that there really is more to himself than a researching drudge without a backbone. A Carter Embree can rate a Sandy Corrigan. He can be supportive, he can be a hero, he can be a man who stands up for his principles!

He can be the owner of a small dog.



I’ve definitely been in the Holiday-story mood so when I saw this offered for review, I jumped at it.

The story is structured well, but I quickly got tired of the dog poop references. Yes, we get it. The dog’s a puppy and can’t control itself. But seriously, I did not want to hear about her poops for chapter after chapter after chapter.

Of course, I’m also someone who doesn’t enjoy bathroom humor of a human variety either.

There was an odd juxtaposition of Carter getting pink, ribbony items for his tiny dog – a concept enforced by Hollywood which usually rubs me the wrong way due to its stereotypical nature – but here it was okay because Carter was in no way a gay stereotype. I thought the author balanced that out nicely. It was just another thing that made Carter a true 3-dimensional character.

I enjoyed Freckles. I wasn’t sure about Sandy at first. He didn’t make a lot of sense to me. However, once he and Carter started dating, I saw ‘into’ who he was and liked that man. I thought the ending was a bit too fast. To go from ‘we should take our time’ to ‘I want you forever, let’s move in together’ is a huge leap and it felt off to me.

That said, the story had a definite “Ahhhh” feel toward the end. The one thing that was missing – for me – was the large family get-together that was mentioned. I wanted to see Carter’s mom when she found out what happened. I wanted to see how Helena dealt with a real Christmas.

But this was the author’s story, not mine 🙂

The story, even with all the poop references, deserved 4 stars.

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