Slain Passion (The Blast Book #1) by Chris Lange #mf #review @chrislange3

This new world is dangerous, lonely, and scary.
One morning, the Blast happens. The few people left scavenge for food, pray, and hide from the Blasted. Kat’s warm and safe in the bunker, protected by the steel door. Until a stranger trespasses.
He’s been looking for her. Now he’s found her, and he won’t leave her unless she helps him. She’s special. She has the means to fight, but she’ll have to confront an enemy who has no face and no name. She will need to step outside the shelter of the bunker to brave danger, pain, betrayal, and death—the cost for her to restore the world.

Slain Passion is a post-apocalyptic story. Something happens that changes people in three days. The Blasted are more primitive cavemen than reasoning humans. Kat is sought by a government agency that believes she is the one who can save humanity but they have to convince her to leave her well-stocked bunker. With her is Holly, a woman who has the ability to see the past and the future. Conroy arrives, setting the ball rolling that will take Kate and Holly from their protective bubble into a world full of danger and intrigue.


There isn’t too much that I can say that won’t give away spoilers. The plot was solid, though there was some inconsistency with the details in the first half. Those inconsistencies didn’t disturb the overall plot though, so I ignored them. I loved Kate most of the time. When Conroy came around… I really didn’t like him because no means no. This should probably have a forced seduction tag. Every time Conroy was around Kate he pushed for sex and it was annoying when Kate let him get away with ignoring what she said. I really enjoyed Holly. The story wouldn’t have been the same without her.


The blurb promised pain, danger, betrayal and death as “the price to restore the world and bring back humanity.” And it certainly delivered. The second half of the book went crazy fast and was hard to put down. I don’t mind the cliffhanger. I expected as much since this is the first book of a series. I would recommend this to anyone who likes different twists on post-apocalyptic stories with a bit of paranormal twist.

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