Healing from the BIG Mistakes (Van Zant Siblings–Alexandra Book 5) by Roxy Harte @Roxy_Harte #mf #mfmm #mfm #mm @loveunleashed


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Geneticist and science advisor to the president, Alexandra Van Zant is marrying her lifelong love, Patrick “Gabe” Gowan. But will the most anticipated wedding of the year a global media event become the stage for her nemesis’s most daring attack? Having proven again and again she can foil the madman and prevent his use of biological weapons, she may not be prepared to battle both the demon in her mind, whispering lies, and the madman, when the enemy decides the easiest course to end game is to recruit the only scientist who can make the dream a reality.

The longer Alexandra remains medication-free for the sake of her unborn twins, the more her mind becomes her greatest foe. Conor Larkin becomes her mental health advocate, but when her alternative treatment plan includes Conor becoming her full-time Dominant, the power dynamic shifts in chaotic proportions. Will the four lovers’ commitment to each other be the foundation from which they can finally unite when the time comes to save the world or will their competing needs and interests rip them and their world apart?

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I found this book to be more disturbing to me.  The strong and competent Alexandra we have gotten to know is gone. In her place we have a woman who can’t seem to do anything without seeking to validate her actions.  As things get more difficult within her relationship with her men she seems to just break mentally.  This is not the woman from the beginning.

There is fighting between the two dominants, which just causes more stress on her and her rapidly growing paranoia. When she is needed to make decisions it usually followed fear,anger and tears.  lt takes all her men to keeping her fed.  For a woman who is determined to deliver her twins, she seems to act as if they are of no consequence.

I found the sex and sexual parts of this to be more anger and a way to desperately keep the men happy and not just because of the love they share.  It is a good read, just really disturbing for some readers.  The BDSM becomes a large part of the storyline, and it seems to overtake the whole family.

There is some M/M scenes, however it is mostly M/F, M/M/F.

4 stars

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