Stranded with Desire by Vivien Dean & Rick R. Reed #mm #AudioReview @rickrreed @dreamspinners

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Listening Length: 4 hours and 54 minutes

When their plane crashed, their desire took flight.

CEO Maine Braxton and his invaluable assistant, Colby, don’t realize they share a deep secret: they’re in love—with each other. That secret may have never come to light but for a terrifying plane crash in the Cascade Mountains that changes everything.

In a struggle for survival, the two men brave bears, storms, and a life-threatening flood to make it out of the wilderness alive. The proximity to death makes them realize the importance of love over propriety. Confessions emerge. Passions ignite. They escape the wilds renewed and openly in love.

When they return to civilization, though, forces are already plotting to snuff out their short-lived romance and ruin everything both have worked so hard to achieve. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14rachelle-tag

I have read and enjoyed both authors individually and was excited to see what they came up with as a duo. The story was entertaining and I quickly fell into the book. The drama and action of the plane crash believable and I could picture the conditions with ease. For the romance, I understood Maine’s (Colby’s boss) change of heart. Near death experiences will do that. I was worried how Maine’s fiancé was going to be handled, and was relieved she wasn’t vilified. I sympathized with her pain.


The chemistry between Maine and Colby was good. There was an OTTP moment when Colby runs away, quite literally out of the building and down the street because he believed Maine changed his mind and would stay with his fiancé. It made me snort laugh.


Where this lost credibility with me was the culmination of the whodunit. The story worked well for me right up to the point Maine confronts the person who arranged to have the plane tampered with. The lack of research on federal and aviation laws was glaringly obvious which pushed the story out of the realm of believability. That neglect led the ending in a different direction than it should’ve gone if based in reality. And really, it pissed me off that someone that terrible got a pass. All in all, this was a good read if you suspend disbelief.

Story – 3 Stars

Performance – 5 Stars

Overall – 4 Stars

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