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Joining the Party
In a small town, secrets are hard to keep. But when photojournalist Cassie Hawks comes home to Lucky Springs, no one says a word about what her neighbors have been up to while she was away. Noises next door draw her to peep on a sex party that enthralls her. The passion, the openness, and the multicultural mix inspire and arouse her—the home owners most of all. The sexy Meriwether men tempt her into a private party and she’s hooked. They willingly help her with her photography and keep her coming back for more. But can she stay put and get on board with their big sex parties?

Birthday Party Surprise
Turning thirty-five isn’t easy for Jessica. Most of her life is going fine, but her love life has been in a holding pattern. Tired of waiting, it’s Jessica’s turn to go a little wild and her friends help arrange it. One night, one fantasy, and four sexy men make for a happy birthday! The urge to repeat the fun haunts her, but when she finds out exactly who her mystery lovers were—all the rules change. Four men she loves want more than friendship or sex. They become caught in a web of passionate love that can’t be denied. The quad of hunks wants to share her and each other every night. Her patience paid off times four but can this traditional girl commit to group love?

Red Hot Party
Being in love with your brother’s boyfriend’s sister is problematic enough…but when Hamilton is caught at a sex party by that beautiful woman, he’s got some explaining to do.

Lolly grew up sheltered but being an EMT and working with the brave firemen of Lucky Springs gets her away from her overprotective family. Wanting Ham was nothing new, but now she has a chance to act on all her fantasies with him and a couple other volunteers that Lolly thought were just friends who haunted her naughty dreams. Three hot firemen she’d trust with her life now want her body tied to the fire pole and a lot more. But deep feelings and family pressure complicate the fun for the quad. Risking their lives for each other is part of the job, but now their hearts are on the line.

Training Party
Deeply involved with a carton of Ben & Jerry’s, Angie is caught cheating on her diet. Her sexy friend Tucker has no choice but to take action. Uncovering all her secrets, Tucker loves her curves and submissive tendencies. Ang still wants to look good for a big wedding so Tucker puts her on a strict diet of satisfying three hot men and attending some secret parties with them. Burning calories is the last thing on her mind when Angie realizes all the fun she’s been missing by being a good girl. Food is no substitute for love but after amazing sex, splitting a pint four ways is much better than eating alone.

Publisher’s Note: The first four Lucky Springs novellas were previously released by another company as individual titles. They’ve been reedited and bundled together for this release.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14rachelle-tag

Lucky Springs contains three stories about the poly relationships within a small Louisiana town. The first one is about a national photo journalist, Cassie. She’s home between projects and overhears suspicious sexual noises one night and goes over to tell the neighbors to close the windows but ends up gawking at the orgie happening at her sexy neighbor’s house.


The three Merriweather brothers are living together next door. The youngest brother, Monte, is known in town as “gay” and his lover, Alex, lives with them. All four of the men would love to invite Cassie to participate in their parties, but the parties are secret for those involved. Cassie isn’t usually home long enough for them to to find out if she would like to participate.


The pairings are MF, MFM, MMF, and MM. Even though this is a story that has many sexual partners and sex, the sex scenes aren’t very explicit, but the scenes still propel the plot forward. Because three of the four are brothers, the only male/male action is between Monte and Alex. Those two are known in town as gay, but they admit to Cassie they are bisexual, and give their reason why they don’t tell everybody. It’s a personal choice I could understand. I liked Cassie with the Merriweathers, although this story left it open for the oldest brother, Ham, to find someone of his own later on. He enjoys partners who like to have a little spanking with their sex which Cassie isn’t into.


The second story is about Cassie’s cousin, Jessica. The pairings are MF, MMMM, MMMMF, MMF. Jessica has been waiting for her high school sweetheart, Frank, who left to go to college with his best friend, Eric, and then to make his fortune… for fifteen years. Andrew and his boyfriend, Stuart, work with Jessica and they keep offering a ménage to Jessica but she doesn’t take them seriously because she thinks they are gay and joking with her. It all comes to a head on her birthday when Andrew convinces her to have a blindfolded night with four guys who are only into her. With Frank’s absence and lack of commitment eating at her, she says yes and it changes the game for four men.


To be honest, I didn’t think Frank deserved the second chance. I mean, fifteen years! He was playing both Eric and Jessica. But Jessica is the one who was okay with seeing Frank a couple of times a year. If it had been me, he would be walking away and I would have kept the other three. MINE!


The third story in this volume was about Ham Merriweather from the first short. The pairings are MF, MMM, MMMF. We finally find out why Ham is spending so much time at the fire station. He’s in love with Alex’s little sister and Alex would have Ham’s head if he pulled her into his ménage world. Ham goes along with Alex’s wishes until Lolly stumbles onto one of their orgies. She’s not as freaked out as Ham or Alex thought she would be, but Alex is the overprotective brother. He said some things to Ham that made me want to slap him silly for. Ham just shrugged it off. Again, the story was low angst with events going forward rather easily.


I think my only real complaint is there is some very creative body contortions for the sex. I won’t go into detail about how extreme it got because I like to keep the review PG13, but sexual positions in some of the scenes aren’t possible.  Hands and mouths were put in places where there wouldn’t have been enough room. At first I kept trying to figure out how and gave up. It was only distracting in a few places since there wasn’t much erotic detail to the sex scenes. These stories aren’t deep on the emotional romance which makes for a quick read. There is very little angst and what’s present is effectively smoothed over, making this book a fun read that let me slip away from reality for a couple of hours.

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