Learning from the BIG Mistakes (Van Zant Siblings, #4) by Roxy Harte @Roxy_Harte #mf #mfmm #mfm #mm @loveunleashed


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Geneticist Alexandra Van Zant has reached her breaking point. Tired of her fiancé’s sexual secrets, learning that the basement holds a blood-red playroom, and Jonathon is Gabe’s submissive…it’s the final straw. The ménage a quatre’s future turns shaky when she informs her men the relationship is on paper only, but with a madman still intent on humanity and killing anyone who gets in his way, her reliance on Gabe, Jonathon, and Conor to keep her alive makes avoiding them impossible.

When POTUS gets involved, chasing disease outbreaks, glamorous photo shoots, interviewing on talk shows, and clandestine meetings at twenty thousand feet become the new typical day in the office for the woman more comfortable in a lab coat. Vacationing in Ireland is a welcome respite but ignoring her men in the middle of nowhere is impossible. With time for quiet reflection, will Alexandra dismiss the ménage forever or allow all her men back in her bed?

When a strategic attack lands both Alexandra and Jonathon in the hospital with life-threatening injuries the ante ups dramatically. While Alexandra is unconscious, her pregnancy reveals the secrets are getting deeper and more dangerous by the day. Will this new discovery heal the ménage or be the breaking point for them all?

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This is book 4 in the series, there is some M/M scenes. There is also Dom/Sub interaction.

With the stress skyrocketing, Alexandra is having more manic stages which leads to danger to her mental stability.  With all this going her paranoia is causing her to over react to anything she feels.

As I read this installment I really appreciate the depth of intrigue as it keeps the situation constantly changing.  When Alexandra is forced to deal with her emotions and the incredible amount of things going on inside of her constantly working mind, it finds problems that are not there.  The way they all work through their problems is something to learn from. They do things right and wrong but it keeps the tension high.

It just keeps getting better as this book continues the relationship between these 4 dynamic people! I have gotten to the point I don’teven put the book down.  With everything that’s going on it’s a challenge to keep up.  Another great read!


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