Knight Defenders (Knights #1) by Victoria Sue #mf #review @vickysuewrites

Gwen wanted to believe that her real first name – Guinevere – was nothing more than the byproduct of her father’s obsession with the legends of Merlin, an obsession that had cost him his job and ultimately ruined both their lives.

Yet, when she encounters a monster in a dark alley bent on killing her and meets Lance, her movie-star gorgeous rescuer who explains the truth about them and who he is – Lancelot, from King Arthur’s court – there’s no way she can believe that he’s just some insane man who claims to still be answering King Arthur’s battle cry after fifteen hundred years, especially when she meets the other knights and discovers she is being targeted by beasts sent to hunt them long ago by the evil witch, Morgan Le Fey.

Gwen is pulled into a battle for her life. But as the pieces in a complex plan put together by Merlin himself fall in place and Gwen with the knights pursues the source of Morgan’s evil, she is soon afraid for much more than her life, for Lance wins her affection, and soon her heart. Is it a true love? Will Lancelot still fight for Guinevere? Will he pick up his sword as he did for hundreds of years, or will he realize that despite his vow, he didn’t really love Gwen but a medieval queen that had been dead for over a thousand years?

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I enjoyed this story a lot more than I thought that I would!

I’ve always been a fan of mythology, and with how the blurb for this book sounded, I couldn’t wait to start reading it.

As with all of Sue’s books, there were twists and turns that kept me turning the pages and wanting to know what was going to happen next.

Gwen’s character though started to bug me – with her back and forth feelings and how she wasn’t sure what she wanted, but knew what she wanted.  It was annoying at times.  Thankfully though as the book progressed I started to like her character.

Lance was a great character right from the start.  I loved how he truly cared about the people he was with, and how he risked himself every night making sure that everyone was protected.

Merlin does have a role in this book – and I must say that I did love it. It was there – and it was kinda obvious once you found out what his role was.  But at the time you didn’t realize that.  Once it all came clear it was great.

Overall – this was a great start to a series and I hope that Sue will be releasing more soon!

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