Only Fools Kiss Cowboys by Nessa Vincent #mm #review @loveunleashed


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After months of herding undead cattle, Casey Newkirk is ready for a little relaxation. Too bad Mullentown isn’t exactly a relaxing place for a vampire. Even setting foot in town is risky, but a chance meeting with a stranger makes the risk worthwhile. Vance Bellamy is obviously dangerous, very enticing, and unafraid of flirting with a bloodsucker. For Vance, the threat of being bitten only heightens the thrill of taking Casey to bed. As the saying goes, only fools kiss cowboys, but Vance is content to be a fool.

Sex with Vance opens up a new world for Casey. He can’t leave Mullentown, even if locals and law enforcement conspire to drive Casey’s kind away. Vance can rescue Casey from a bind or two, sure, but he’s not welcome either. With the sheriff breathing down his neck, plus a murderous brother trying to redress old wrongs, Vance has no time for a doting vampire.

But when Casey crosses one line too many and sets the law after him, fate drives them together again. And when Vance’s brother makes his move, Vance might just need some rescuing of his own.

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My first by this author, overall it was okay. Not much depth, lots of sex, and a whole lot of assumptions.

So I agreed to this book probably months ago, when I got it, I did not read the blurb again. So jumping in and reading I was pretty confused, have to be honest, and probably would have been even if I had read it.  We are lead to assume a lot of things, if it was a mystery, fine. But these are basic things about characters and to me, left a lot out. With me having to figure out too much, when the story itself wasn’t that great.

Casey and Vance are the two MC’s and even though we’ve a couple of others around them, really it’s all about them.

Casey walks into a bar, no really. And see’s Vance, and that’s it, he’s smitten. He convinces Vance to have sex, and the rest as they say, is history.

As the story unfolds we discover certain details that help us understand these two better, but for me too little too late. The connection is surface only, sexual. Even though, Casey rides in and saves the day…night.

We are left with a HFN, borderline cliffy ending. But I’ll leave them right where they are. No second book for me.


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