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Being alone was what Blake had always needed before his new team of bodyguards arrived. Now things might be very different.

At seven years old, Blake’s life was destroyed when he and his parents were abducted and he watched them being murdered. Now, twenty years later, he refuses to leave the house and he lives in a constant state of fear. He has a bodyguard around the clock, a housekeeper who has never seen his face and an uncle who checks on him often but isn’t all that close to him. Blake likes his isolation where only his cat really knows him.

His bodyguard of eight years is ready to retire, leaving his life in turmoil again. Blake isn’t good with people in general, and new people are the worst. But he needs someone in his house all the time to make him feel safe. His uncle hires a team of bodyguards to replace his old one—Malcolm, CJ and Rex. They come highly recommended, and they’re good at what they do.

They’re also together and it’s a relationship that Blake is instantly fascinated by. He’s never been interested in another person before, and he hasn’t had a real friend since his parents died, because he has refused to leave the house. But with the three of them trying to be there for him, he begins to want a life he has been convinced up to now would be completely impossible.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14rachelle-tag

This little story wasn’t what I expected. When I saw it labeled sweet, I thought cute. But it’s sweet as in there isn’t any on page sex.


This story is told only from Blake’s POV and is about his journey. He has severe agoraphobia and though the time it take for him to realistically deal with his fear should have been much longer, I liked the shortened time line.


Blake’s bodyguard retired and the appearance of three new ones is distress to Blake but also intriguing. Their presence is the catalysis that pushes Blake to stretch his boundaries. He’s not cured by the end of the book but the epilogue taking place a year later does show the amount of his progress. I did want to strange Blake’s psychiatrist and uncle about three-fourths through. I hurt along with Blake and completely understood his panic. I think I might’ve been more terrified than he was when he didn’t have someone stand up for him and be his champion when the threat of institutionalization was used as a weapon.


I liked Malcom, CJ, and Rex. It was easy to see the protectors in them as they tried to uncover what caused Blake to be the way he was. Though there are romantic elements, I was still disappointed that majority of this story was about Blake’s growth and him conquering his demons. I Would’ve liked more of the four of them with some relationship building. I don’t care about the sex but would’ve immensely enjoyed more exploration of their relationship dynamics.


All in all, this was great story that I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone looking for something different in a ménage romance.


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