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Abducting Andrea

When an attack is confirmed against the rich and powerful Edington family, Raiders Bodyguard Service springs into action. Jake Raider is assigned the independent but spoiled Andrea. He’s protected her before but this time he’s bringing the tools to tame her and make her his.

There are plenty of things Andrea wants to do with Jake but none of them involve business. In the past, he rejected her advances but this time he’s giving her what she wants and making her beg for more. Exploring the sexual needs they’ve denied, she’s at his mercy and loving it.

Pushing Penny

Going to Italy with a sexy man should be hot, but for Penny it’s all business. The plus-sized designer of plus-sized fashions met Grayson Raider at her best friend’s wedding, and now, he’s her bodyguard. While she doesn’t expect trouble, Penny’s rich Texas family is overprotective. She has no reason to protest–Grayson makes her feel safe and beautiful.

Grayson knew the moment he met Penny that she was the challenge he’d been looking for. Confident in her work, Penny needs to let him lead in the bedroom. His Dom side enjoys giving her pleasure and pushing her limits. Being tied up naked by a man she’s paying to protect her is hot enough, but when he start using mirrors and fashion to drive her crazy, he might just push Penny right out of her comfort zone.

Publisher’s Note: Raiders Bodyguard Service was previously released as separate volumes. It has been revised and repackaged for this edition.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14

April's Showering Words

This book has two complete stories inside.
The first is Abducting Andrea
When Andrea is taken out of her bed in the middle of the night, she is extremely angry.  She has seen her captor, they have wrestled before.
Jake was sent to deal with Andrea, because he’s the only one she can’t get away from.  When there is a verified threat he is once again  assigned to protect her.  Yet she is not a girl any more, and she knows who and what she wants.
As they stay in isolation, their relationship intensifies from just physical to an emotional one too.
I liked this story, the characters are entertaining and just real enough to make you  sympathize with Jake, he has a determined female and she is not going to go easy on him! Andrea is not going to make it easy on him.
The second book is Pushing Penny
Penny is a up and coming desiner, she is shy and lacks self-confidence. However she secretly yearns for Grayson, the bodyguard and brother-in-law of her dear friend Andrea.
Grayson is a calm and controlled man.  He is good at his job, however he first meets Penny during a family celebration.  He is drawn to her immediately. but holds back so as not to scare her away.
When they are reunited, he decides that this is his chance.  As they work together to insure that Penny is safe during there trip,  Grayson is pushing for as real relationship that lasts a lifetime.
If you were ever an overweight or pudgy girl, this is the story for you!  Penny is perfect, but she doesn’t see it.  All her life she has felt like she doesn’t fit because she wasn’t a size 3.  When the gorgeous Grayson steps into her life he is a fantasy for a plus size woman like her.
However Grayson has a different fantasy, and Penny stars in his.  She is just what he has always wanted. As they try to figure out who is trying to sabotage her collection before the show, Grayson makes sure she is relaxed and satisfied.
This goes perfectly with the first story,  where we have a headstrong successful female and the strong Dominant male to take care of her. As they work out their relationships they grow as people.  Wonderfully written and fun to read!
Both stories have BDSM in them, but it is not hard core.  I really liked this set of stories and hope that we see more from dynamic family.

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