Miss Hopeful by Laura Fletcher #mf #review


Sandra Birmingham is twenty-two years old and has always dreamed of escaping her vigorous and mundane life in Rhode Island. She listed herself in a catalog as a mail-order bride and is hoping a handsome and righteous man is going to ask her for her hand in marriage.
Samuel James Edgerton the older kind, handsome and loving father had been married once and takes care of his sick seven-year-old daughter, Betsy. When Samuel’s father passed away, he was left with no choice but to look for a loyal wife to accompany him and to help care for his daughter. When Samuel first lays his eyes on Sandra, he knew there was much much more about her than the naked eye could see.
They both agree to enter into an arrangement, and soon Sandra finds herself falling in love with Samuel. However, has Samuel really truly gotten over his ex-wife? He has never reconciled his feelings for his past lover but soon finds himself in a situation that he thought he had always wanted. As Betsy’s condition worsens, Samuel and Sandra find themselves hopelessly relying deeply upon each other. What happens next will shock even Samuel himself.

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This was an interesting read for me.  I love the concept of mail-order brides, and with the blurb of this one I just couldn’t pass it up.

Samuel was such a strong character – I was completely drawn into him and wanted only what was best for him.  Sandra was a sweet character – there was something so innocent but caring about her that I couldn’t resist her either.

There is a bit of drama that happens in this book, which I don’t want to give away too much of. But needless to say it did keep me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next.

Overall – this was a sweet read for me that I did enjoy. I will be sure to look into more books in this series in the future.

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