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Darren is proud of his work on the FBI’s magical Talent unit. However, his own lack of magic means he can never be with Supervisory Special Agent and Shaman Kavon Boucher. The shamanic magic poses a real danger to any mundane who gets too close, so Darren tries to hide his attraction and keep a professional relationship at work. That resolve begins to crumble when a new man sets his sights on Kavon and Darren can’t control his resentment.

Now they have a brutal new case of a suspect targeting magical adepts. Darren tries to keep focused on that crime, but when he starts to show signs of his own magic, he hopes that maybe he can not only be a more effective part of the team but also a real partner to Kavon. He might have a second chance at love if only Kavon can learn to trust his new and unpredictable magic that has changed the rules of the magical game.


I enjoy urban fantasy, so when I saw this book I snatched it up. There is only two things about the book I didn’t like, so I will start with one of those and then tell you all about why you need to read this book.

Okay – so the first thing I really didn’t like about this book was one word. “Bruh.” I have never heard anyone use that term. “Bro” yes. But “Bruh”? Perhaps it is used in some part of the country, but every time I saw it, it yanked me out of the story because each time I would go “What the hell is that?”

Now that the negative is out of the way, let’s talk about the positives. This story is about a section of the FBI that is magic users. In this UF world, magic is common. There are shamans who walk the spirit plain and talk to spirit guides and there are magic users who use spells and crystals. And then there are mundanes who have no magic at all.

Darren is the only mundane in the Talent team of the local DC FBI office. His job is to talk to mundanes who don’t trust magic users. Unfortunately he has a hard time concentrating because he has the hots for his shaman boss Kavon Boucher. And let me say, I don’t blame him one bit. I have the hots for him already and he’s just a character in a book. I could so see a younger Denzel Washington playing him in a movie… wait, where was I? Oh that’s right. The review. Ahem.

Their cases aren’t normal by our standards, but then they are chasing criminals who are using magic. And one they are after is kidnapping adepts – that’s magic users who help shamans stay grounded so they don’t get lose in the spirit plain – murdering the adepts and doing all sorts of horrible things to them. Darren should be helping, however, he’s jealous as hell of Ben, the adept partnered with Kavon. One day while Kavon is off walking the spirit plain, Darren’s jealousy matches Ben’s anger and, well, the world almost goes to hell. In other words, Darren finds himself with powers that up until then he’d never had and nobody believes he could have just received.


This is a great story. Bad, evil guy. Sexy hot FBI guys who happen to use magic and have spirit guides. (All hail Bennu!) Bennu’s in the story – don’t worry. I’m not hailing an ancient Egyptian god. This story could have been 5 stars, even with “bruh” but the author did not introduce the bad guy until the very end of the book. We should have met him at least once early on so we could have tried to figure it out, but it was kind of like she pulled him out of a hat at the end and that was disappointing.

4 stars and I’m ready for book 2: Derivations.

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