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Hey everyone!  Today, I’ve managed to get a hold of a certain author.  One that quite literally ripped my heart out and laughed – yes you read that right LAUGHED – at me when she did that.

That author is none other than Sara York – best selling author of a few series.  But this interview is about one series.  The one that destroyed me.  The Colorado Heart Series.

Now, while this is a 7 book series – we are getting down to the brass nuts in this interview.  We are jumping straight into books 5 and 6.  So if you haven’t read the other books in the series, you will get massive spoilers about these books so you have been warned.


The interview shall begin shortly …


Crystal:  Now Sara, I have met you several times and you seem like an overall nice person. So that’s why it shocked me that you wrote what you did.  Can you tell me, did you do it because you were worried that people thought you might be too nice?


Sara:  I’m not sure I really thought about what people would think of me. It had to happen. I’m not at all sorry, oaky, I am for reader’s personal harm, but I’m not sorry about what happened with Zander. He had to suffer. Really it was Marshal who had to suffer.


Crystal: Did you know going into this book that you were going to rip my heart out?


Sara: Yes. But it wasn’t only your heart, I know I ripped out hundreds of hearts. What is really sad is Colorado Connection didn’t come out for a few weeks after Colorado Hitch. Those poor people had to wait weeks to find out what happened. Was Zander dead, or alive? OMG, how did they survive????


Crystal: Why would you do that to us? And by us I mean us, the dedicated followers of this series?


Sara: Yes, I did cry. I cried a bunch. Then I had tea, ate a cookie and wrote the next book. And in the next book, when…wait, that would be Spoilers. Um, yes, I knew I was going make Marshal suffer. Can you imagine Marshal waiting for his man to come home. Marshal had it the worst. His life was gone and he had no hope.


Crystal: By now, I’m sure that some of the readers of this interview might be a bit confused about what we are talking about – so I’ll just say it right out.  YOU KILLED ZANDER!!!!  How do you plead?  Oh wait, well besides that.

It’s been a year since you released Colorado Hitch, do you have any regrets about killing Zander?


Sara: No. Because…Spoilers…


Crystal: How did your readers take to you killing off such a loved character?


Sara: So much sadness. It was bad. It was very, very bad. I had a lot of PM’s with readers crying. I felt bad for them. I really did.


Crystal: Now lets jump into some more spoilers – because one can never have enough of them in a tell all interview.  We find out in Colorado Connection that Zander is in fact alive.  Not really well, but alive.  Was that your intentional all along? To bring Zander back in the next book?
Sara: Yes, because Matthew had to bring Zander back, thus getting Matthew onto the ranch. Matthew is Lane and Gresh’s adopted child from the Texas Soul series and I’ve been waiting for years to get Matthew onto the ranch in Colorado.


Crystal: If you had already planned on bringing him back, why did you torture us?!?!


Sara: I wanted to make sure everyone felt it. Like, really, felt it. There are no free rides in the Colorado Heart universe. You need to really feel it. It’s not going to be a cute little tromp through warm cuddles land, it’s a heart pounding, never stopping rush because those men give it all. They are cowboy assassins who fight for what is right and make the world a better place.


Crystal: Without giving any spoilers in future future books (simply because this is a tell-all about these 2 books only), would you fake-kill OR real-kill off another character in this series?


Sara: There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do—anything.


Crystal:  Well thank you so much for this telling tell-all about Colorado Hitch and Colorado Connection! I do have 1 more question before you go – is there more Colorado Heart to come in the future?


Sara: Yes, I haven’t named Colorado 8, but it is out there. Also, I will be writing a novella about Marshal and Zander soon. Until next time

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Sara York writes passionate stories full of real life and real people. She lives in the south with her family and dogs. Her blood type is Coffee+ and her muse is the beach. Sara hopes you enjoy the stories she’s created. For more information on Sara York visit her Website.

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  • Sharon Simpson

    I was one of those who talked to Sara about Zander’s death. I actually refused to read the next book. Lol. She had to talk me through it before I would open it. It was on my nook. I had paid for it and wouldn’t touch it. Feel so crazy now in retrospect, but that just speaks of the quality and caliber of Sara’s writing. Nice interview.

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