Open House (Open #2) by Mickie B. Ashling #mm #review @dreamspinners


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By the time Seth Wilder and Bryce McFarland return to Chicago after their UK cruise, they’re halfway in love. They decide to move in together to see if their feelings can survive in the real world.

Seth receives word that a mandatory autopsy was performed on his late partner because his death was a suicide. The medical examiner’s findings are disturbing and leave some doubt as to the underlying cause of death.

Because of the suicide clause, life insurance benefits had been denied, but in light of these new findings, Seth’s lawyer advises him to appeal. The insurance investigator turns out to be the man who broke Bryce’s heart twenty-five years ago. The guy has fallen on hard times, and when he sees how successful Bryce has become—and how large Seth’s potential payout might be—he decides he wants a piece of the pie. Bryce and Seth’s new relationship is severely tested in this second novel in the Open Series.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Second in the series, I read the first, really was surprised that we got a second. We we’re left with what I felt was a nice HFN ending.  But when I saw that the story was continued I said sure. I enjoyed these two. Have to say, didn’t see the turn that this story took.

Crazy ex-lovers, homes with issues, growing pains of new relationship all made for a good story.

Seth and Bryce and back home, Seth has decided to take the plunge and while selling the home his lived in his moving in with Bryce. Why wait? It’s right. They may not have said the words but they both know.

Problem is, they gotten some bad news on all fronts.

These two are so supportive together. Where you could tell both had destructive relationships and pasts. Now are healthy and happy. Even when stuff starts happening around them, they both want to be better people. The secondary cast really brings out the whole tale of the story.

Unlike the last book, this one leaves us with a huge cliffy.


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