Survival Instinct (Van Zant Siblings #1) by Roxy Harte @Roxy_Harte #mm #review @loveunleashed


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Days after discovering his husband was sleeping with his twin brother, museum curator Brian Van Zant’s faced with another shocking loss. Both men are killed in a car accident, leaving him no answers, no closure. No chance to say, “I hate you,” or “I love you,” and not sure which he’d have said if given the chance. Now, Brian’s running away from home. Just running, without a plan or a destination.

Tobias Red Hawk is a Park Ranger in Montana, where being out of the closet still seems like a dream. After saving the life of blatantly gay and thoroughly attractive Brian, he begins to question his conviction of staying secretly gay. But before he can face his own identity crisis, there is a mystery to be solved at the top of the Bitterroot mountain range and the answers may lie in the myths of his childhood. And when Hawk’s past returns to kill him, both men discover there’s nothing like facing death up close to make a man find his survival instinct.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.

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How would you react if your life had been turned upside down then you almost die in an accident?
When Brian wakes up from a severe case of hypothermia he is in a strange bed with a gorgeous man he’s never seen before.  He is convinced he’s dreaming until the stranger tells him to stay put.
Hawk is drawn to this stranded tourist, in the middle of a blizzard he is fighting to save this man’s life. As the man gets better Hawk learns more about him.  Hawk has other things to due so at the first opportunity he is off checking out something for his grandfather.
Brian and Hawk end up on at dangerous trip into the mountains.  As they work together there initial spark burns into a flame that they can’t deny.
I really enjoyed this book, Brian was a well thought out character who had been through to much for one person to endure.  With Hawk there to help him he was able to open up and take a chance again.  Hawk is a great man who is trying to do his best at his job, and for his grandfather.  When he meets and learns what Brian has been through he is their for him however he needs him.  They are a strong couple and work together really well.

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