Prince of Seas (Three Brothers Fair #1) by Emily Carrington #mm #review @loveunleashed


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What’s the worst thing about being a water demon? You can’t tell your husbands apart. Of course, it doesn’t help when your newest mate-to-be disguises himself as his brother to win your hand.

Prince Felimid wants nothing more than to have a kelpie in his family so that his own race will have some stronger blood to mix in and have a hope of keeping water demons from dying out altogether. What he gets is a shy, sneaky, and virginal kelpie whose seed has yet to be proven. Initially furious that he’s been tricked, Felimid can’t deny the courageous and lusty husband he’s accidentally won. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

This was an enjoyable read for me personally. I loved the characters, the drama, the wonder and suspense about what was going to happen next.

I was really on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen when Felimid found out about the betrayal. And with what Hans was going to do when the secret was out.

With that being said, I did feel as though the story was rushed a bit.  I wish that there would have been more world building, and more information given about the other characters.

While I felt that this was a good paranormal book, for me it felt like this was a regular romance with the side of paranormal.  Sounds funny I know, but minus the obvious information about the kelpies, and magical aspects, it just felt strange to me.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read for me.  I will continue on with the series in the future.

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