Her Haven by Sydney Keys #mf #mfm @loveunleashed


The only veterinarian in town, Rose Kincaid is in high demand with her ranch clients. Despite this, the sassy, independent redhead makes time for regular trips to The Haven, a club she frequents. Being submissive to two men simultaneously brings her welcome stress relief and sexual satisfaction. Lately, the long weekend trips are wearing her down. She never imagined she would discover a sexy new client to whom she could submit her searing desires. Learning there are two delicious, identical brothers leaves her breathless and imagining endless possibilities.

Nick and Ethan Santos are twins who share everything, from their profession to their home to their women to their sexual lifestyle. Leaving a bad relationship, they give up their law firm and purchase their grandparents’ west Texas ranch. When the local vet shows up looking like a sexy siren, Nick is speechless. Once Ethan sees Rose, there’s no turning back from them pursuing her as their chosen partner.

Sizzling heat and sexual encounters arise when the three give in to their desires. She wants casual. They want permanent. None of them ever dreamed they would find someone to share their bed, let alone their D/s lifestyle in the small community.



This was a fun, low angst ménage read. Rose Kincaid is the veterinary for a small community outside of Dallas, Texas. The new ranch owners, twins Nick and Ethan Santos, catch her fancy but they are clients and she “tries” to keep the relationship between her and them professional.


Nick and Ethan were successful lawyers but cut the ties to the city in order to buy their grandparent’s ranch to make a new beginning. In the past, a woman tried to come between them, but these boys come as a package deal. No one will tear them apart.


This story really hit the spot for me. It could’ve highly angsty with all the taboo elements, such as Nick and Ethan being twins and sharing women (even though they aren’t intimate with each other). Or that all three of them want to have a relationship in a small town that would probably be judgmental and/or hostile. Or that all three of them love BDSM. Instead, the story focused on the actual romance for the plot. I was afraid that the sex would overtake the romance, but it didn’t. What was on page was hot and not all of it was part of a BDSM scene—which were lighter than I expected. I also liked the realistic element where they didn’t try to come out and make their community accept them, but agreed to be discreet. I loved how Rose was submissive in the bedroom but independent the rest of the time. The teaser with Rose’s brother and best friend has me interested and I would love read about the two (or three) of them. This is a series I will definitely keep following.

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