Divergence (Aberrant Magic #3) by Lyn Gala #mm #review @loveunleashed


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Kavon and Darren believe they finally have the life they want–a lead on O’Brien, a better understanding of the failures that have plagued the team, and time to nurture the bond between them as shamans and lovers. However they’ve gotten involved in magical politics, and that has consequences that neither of them could foresee. Magic is changing, and Kavon and Darren are in the center of a coming storm.

In the past, Kavon’s only fear was that he might inadvertently damage Darren, and he is painfully aware that he has hurt his lover before. He’s vowed to never make that mistake again, but new forces threaten their relationship and pose a special threat to Darren. With the danger growing more intense, Kavon struggles to find a way to protect the ones he loves and Darren realizes that the magic that gave him his heart’s desire could take everything away just as quickly. Magic is a double-edged sword and the two lovers have to find a way to wield the weapon before it becomes the instrument of their death.


This is the 3rd book in the Aberrant Magic series and I was excited for it. I figured – finally Kavon and Darren get to have their showdown with o’Brien. I mean, that’s what they’ve been leading up to for 2 books. As a reader I needed that showdown.

Unfortunately, it fell flat. 48% of the way through the book, they had the fight, but it was missing the bad guy. The faceoff I wanted since book one never happened.

Talk about a letdown. Plus, I wondered what the rest of the book would be about. The event was done – how would the next half of the book play out? The members of the Talent team were intent on the other case they talked about in book 2 –all the kidnappings. One mention was made that there was information about it in o’Brien’s computer which totally and utterly confused me – when was o’Brien involved and why wasn’t that tied together before? The spell caster for the new enemy was really good and kept tripping them up. But at the end event, it was like they all said “Okay, that’s done- NEXT!” and moved on without dealing with the anger and catharsis that had to come from it all. Les’s “Go, team Talent” didn’t do the job. I wanted to feel that they at least felt something.

The main thing that saved the latter part of the book for me was the introduction of Lammas and Johnson. I liked Johnson and the introduction of Huitzilopochtli. Gotta love Hui the hummingbird. But the book unfortunately felt like a group of events with a tenuous tie between them. As if it was a novella and a bunch of smaller stories got smashed together with it to call it a novel. And we got HUGE buildups to the events and instead of seeing the event unfold, we were told about it after the fact.


The gathering of the entire Talent team in El Paso made absolutely no sense. Salma could have joined Kavon and Darren on the spirit plane from DC instead of flying to Texas with Ahtisham and Les. So why did they come? I so needed a reason since they came AFTER the sting and none was supplied.

And last – the sex scenes didn’t make a lot of sense. Especially the last one. One moment Darren collapsed onto the sofa. Then he got up from the bed. Then Kavon lay down on the sofa and Darren started a massage. The massage turned sexual. They orgasmed and then… the next moment they were in bed? Uh… have they started teleporting from the sofa to the bed and back?

The first two books were much better.

3 stars. And it only got that high because I adore Bennu and now Hui.

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