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As a massage therapist to the rich and famous, Lainie is used to keeping secrets. But her stay in Las Vegas leads to a personal secret she never intends to divulge. To anyone. Ever.

Having tried to conceive for years to no avail, she wants to give her dying husband something more to live for–a child. All she needs is a virile man for one night of love, nothing more. But her secret plan changes when her one-night stand transforms her forever.

Alpha over the Western half of North America, Luke Wolfson has found the one woman in the world made just for him, but she’s human. After a passionate night of sensual pleasures, she vanishes. Mates don’t leave mates. He has to find her or they may both die. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Kim Talks TomesTAG

Lainie is in denial about her husband dying. She wants to give him a child. A reason to fight and hang on. But, they were unable to conceive and so she decides to find a one night stand while she is in Las Vegas for a work training. Luke meets Lainie and as Alpha of a wolf pack, he instantly knows she is his mate and his destiny. Lainie disappears after their night together, but her feelings for her husband and for Luke conflict with each other and Luke has to find her soon or else they’ll all die.

I don’t think this is just a story about one night. It’s about how people love and are able to love more than one person (whether it’s right or wrong). Lainie is intensely in love with her husband, but she also has feelings for Luke.

I enjoyed this short read and the dynamic between all of the characters. I definitely recommend it for shifter story fans.

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