Confessions by L.M. Mountford #mf #mfm #mfmm #review

What is the measure of love? How far would you go to save the one you want but know you can never truly have?

Mina Carring is a woman that has given up on love. A rising star in the bright lights of Hollywood, men come and go from her life, passing like ships in the night, yet there is only one for her, the one she’d let slip away. However, when Mark, her stepbrother, is filmed in a compromising position that could lead to a scandal which would ruin his life, Mina must step in. Now, powerless to escape this dark path of lust and desire, torn between the dark delights of a handsome rogue and the one person who has always been there for her, she must confront the truth she has long tried to bury…

A full length, 40,000+ word novel, Confessions is the stand-alone erotic drama from the Author of the sinfully delicious, Sweet Temptations Trilogy. It contains adult themes, harsh language, and graphic content.

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This was a … different book for me.  I will say this – Mountford does tell you in the blurb what to expect.  There is adult themes and graphic content.

For me, I didn’t really enjoy this book.  While I am not one to put down smutty reads, this book was just pure smut for me.  The sex scenes were over the top and just didn’t seem to move the story for me.

I would say that if you are looking for a smutty filled read, then be sure to grab this one.  But if your looking for a book that has more than the smut factor, you may not enjoy this one.

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