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God, Please Help me, I can’t live another year like this…

Dillon McDonald is a damaged man, both in body and in spirit. His sadistic partner, Alfonse, successfully broke him long ago. But this New Year’s Eve, a strange new feeling takes hold of him. Is it hope?

Breaking free of the hell he found himself in is only the beginning for this handsome, troubled young man though. When charming young softball coach, Jon Michaels, shows interest in Dillon, the stakes are much higher than he ever imagined. Jon is kind, handsome, and spiritually grounded. And Dillon can’t help but believe that Jon may just be the answer to the prayer he assumed went unheard.

Will Dillon be able to begin a new life with Jon, or will Alfonse be the end of them both?

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released by another publisher.


Dillon’s Prayer is difficult to explain. Why? Because the ending wasn’t justified by the story itself.

Dillon was in an abusive relationship with a non-dominant sadist. What’s a non-dominant sadist you ask? A sadistic [insert the worst word you can think of here] who desires to harm, hurt, and humiliate someone without the dom characteristic of wanting that person to be better for it on the other end. So yeah – not a good person. Dillon, finally afraid for his life, runs away and to his brother.

That was the good part. Yay, Dillon! Go! Go! I was rooting for him.

However that’s where the story started to fail for me. It seemed like the story should be about Dillon’s recovery from abuse and his falling in love with Jon. And it was…however it wasn’t. It was more like those things happened without us actually seeing Dillon overcome his past. There was one scene with his car where a little of his former anger came out. But basically we were left to believe that he just overcame the abuse on his own. With little to no professional help at all except for a meeting with his religious leader who told him there was nothing wrong with being gay. I guess that was supposed to help his belief in religion again, but it in no way helped him recover from YEARS of abuse at the hands of the sadist.

If you’ve read my reviews, I hate angst –and there was, in truth, almost none in the story. So yay for that. However, you don’t need angst to show the mental and emotional recovery that Dillon would have had to go through to be in a loving, non-abusive relationship with Jon.

It felt like since Dillon elected to Top at the end that that showed his recovery. I disagree. Plus, I had a hard time believing that the sadist known as Alfonse wouldn’t come back. I mean, he was preying on Ben by that point. In my mind, nothing short of a bullet to his brain was going to stop the sick bastard from coming around.

So if you want to read a story of redemption where there isn’t a lot of description as to how the redemption occurs, this might be the story for you. The love story seemed stilted as I was unsure why Jon kept pushing through even when Dillon pushed him away. Sometimes it felt like Jon was looking to be hurt.

However, I still think the book deserves 3 stars because there is a feel good element. And the writing is decent. I just felt that a lot of the whys were missing.

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